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20 Interesting Fitness Facts You Should Know

20 Interesting Fitness Facts You Should Know

Some people can’t think of missing their gym sessions, but to some, staying hooked to their fitness regime is almost next to impossible. No matter where you stand on your fitness journey, it’s always exciting to learn fun facts that can make your exercise routine even more thrilling and beneficial.

If you are the one who just thought about starting a workout routine or someone who is already hitting a milestone in this journey, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you are a beginner or a pro; it’s admirable that you don’t take your health for granted.

Fitness not only incorporates the idea of having a chiseled body, but it also delivers the notion of being healthy. To blow your mind off, we have come up with 20 lesser-known fun facts related to fitness that may not only help increase your knowledge, but also clear some of the misunderstandings you may have.

Fitness Fun Facts

  • Fitness is not an overnight process: Let’s get it straight, you won’t get in shape as soon as you start lifting heavy weights in a gym. It takes approximately 12 weeks to achieve your ideal body goal. Though you can see fat loss and gain muscle mass within a time period of 3-4 weeks, you can only notice a visible change in your body measurements after sweating for 3-4 months. Still, you need to be mindful that some people take much more time than others to ultimately reach their fitness level.

Myth Buster

I must sweat every day to lose weight: You can have this mentality, but it's kind of extreme for your body. Exercise is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to maintain fitness, but if you are doing cardio or strength training vigorously every single day, then it's time to stop and give your body some rest to recover.

  • Crunches alone are not enough to shred belly fat: Does eating carbs relentlessly have resulted in stubborn belly fat and now Google is suggesting you core exercises like crunches to lose it? Not only your Google search, but almost everyone around you must have told you about crunches. After all, it’s quite a buzz in the fitness industry nowadays. But do you know that crunches alone can’t help you lean your midsection, as this exercise is more famous for building muscles in your core area. To get a flat belly, you need to blend it with the cardio to shed off those pesky carb calories.

Myth Buster

Crunching and munching go hand in hand: Crunches and sit-ups are going to get you your dream abs, because we all know how effective ab exercises are for building our core muscles. But this can only be true if you couple these exercises with a good diet. As they say, “Abs are not made in the gym. They are made in the kitchen”.

  • Cardio or weight lifting: Stuck between cardio and weight training? Cardio has always been hyped for burning more calories than any other workout, but surprisingly there is an interesting twist that many don’t know. Weight training helps you lose calories when your body is at a resting stage. Yes, you read it right. Weight training exercises help in building muscles more effectively than cardio, and muscles burn more calories even when your body is doing nothing.

Myth Buster

Doing cardio for a longer period of time means burning more calories, but this actually is not the fastest way to burn extra calories. A half-hour session will absolutely work great for you and will add up to your fitness goals. Rather than focusing on time, try to focus on your little efforts to keep up the routine for maximum benefits.

Source: Cardio vs. Weight Lifting: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

  • Less stress is guaranteed: To some people, exercise is equal to stress because procrastination is much easier than sweating in a gym. But the fact is, once you stick to your fitness regime and start exercising, your stress level diminishes significantly. It elevates your mood and keeps your stress level in check. This improves your overall quality of life because when you will be less cantankerous and happier, everyone around you will catch your happy vibes.

 "Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction," says Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise.

Source: Some things you should know about exercise

  • Following a fitness regimen means a healthier heart: Who doesn’t know that heart is the most important organ in our body. Cardiac arrest and sudden heart attack have become life-threatening events and undoubtedly taken many lives. While the reason behind this is most obviously unhealthy lifestyles and stress; the solution is not as difficult as the root cause is. Surely nobody wants to succumb to death from something so unpredictable like that. That’s why maintaining an exercise routine is so stressed by health specialists and fitness enthusiasts. It not only lowers bad cholesterol from your body but increases the muscles' ability to pull more oxygen out of the blood, thus reduces stress on the heart to pump more blood to the muscles.  

“One of the key benefits of exercise is that it helps to control or modify many of the risk factors for heart disease,” says Dr. Kerry Stewart, director of Clinical and Research Exercise Physiology at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Source: Exercise and the Heart

  • Fitness via exercise is all you need to age gracefully: Strength training can’t be only associated with the muscle building component, as it clearly has other health benefits too. As soon as we reach middle age, our muscle mass starts waning progressively and it is said to be reduced by up to 1% every year. Women especially, are susceptible to reduced bone density after their 30’s, but this situation can be controlled by engaging in strength training, which helps increase the bone density significantly.

A study shows that women doing strength training three times a week are more likely to maintain their current weight and gain higher bone density.

 Source: Women’s Heath: Keeping Your Bones Strong As You Age

  • Fight away your chance of type 2 diabetes: Fitness can’t be achieved only by physical exertion, as eating healthy is another important part of it. Regular exercise along with a healthy diet can fight against type 2 diabetes.

"Exercise is what helps prevent and treat the disease itself. The more we use our muscles, the better our body can take in glucose and use it appropriately.” Kara Mitchell, wellness manager at the Duke Health and Fitness Center in Durham, N.C

Source: Exercise Tips to Prevent and Treat Diabetes

  • Walking is as good as jogging: Jogging is undoubtedly a great cardio exercise to burn your calories, but let’s be clear that you can reap the same benefits from a brisk walk. The only difference is that jogging takes less time to cover the distance, plus it is believed to be good for your bones. However, it might not be the right choice for some due to their health issues. If it's you, then there still is a hope for you to work on your fitness by walking the same distance as jogging.

Researchers analyzed the health of some 48,000 runners and walkers mainly in 40s and 50s. They found that, mile for mile, brisk walking lowers the risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure as much as running does.

Source: Walking vs. Running – Which is Better?

  • Alternating your workout helps you lose weight effectively: Do you know that alternating your workout exercises helps you lose more weight than sticking to the same one for a lifetime? Our body adjusts to everything we do repeatedly and that's why it hits a constant state once we keep doing the same exercise with the same intensity.

The human body is a master at adaptation. "Whatever the body is asked to repeat, it will become very efficient at it. "After a few months, you may continue to feel the psychological benefits, but not necessarily the physiological benefits."

Source: Is It Bad to Do the Same Workout Every Day?

  • Exercise – a consolation for cancer survivors: Cancer is undoubtedly one of the leading causes of death and research proves that there is still a silver lining for a cancer survivor. Their life quality can be enhanced and physical fitness can be improved by doing regular exercise. Isn’t this awesome that how we underestimate the power of something so impactful and healing, which we call exercise.

“If we could turn the benefits of exercise into a pill, it would be demanded by patients, prescribed by every cancer specialist and subsidized by the government. It would be seen as a major breakthrough in cancer treatment.” Dr. Prue Cormie, chair of the COSA Exercise Cancer guidelines committee

Source: Exercise as part of cancer treatment

  • A gym buddy is all you need to up your fitness game: A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Aberdeen found out that having a gym buddy increases the number of exercise people does. Coupled with emotional support, a fitness partner can become a reason to stick to your fitness regimen and make improvement rapidly compared to people who may have no emotional support from their gym partner.
 ... the emotional social support from the new sports companion was the most effective.Thus, it is more important to encourage each other than in doing the actual activity together. "

Source: Want a new body? Get a new buddy!

  • Fitness and music go hand in hand: There is no denying that our body reacts to music and it starts moving in rhythm as soon as we hear an upbeat song. Music can help us get through a strenuous workout by distracting our minds from the intensity of the workout to the tempo and beat. Not only this, it escalates the pace of activity by motivating us, and thus the training session becomes more intense and fruitful at the same time.

Research indicates that music keeps us from focusing on the physical sensations of fatigue, particularly during lower-intensity exercise.

Source: Music and Experience: How Music Affects Exercise Motivation

  • Stretch before good run is overhyped: That’s right. You have read it so much on every other fitness blog that your mind wouldn’t allow you to hit the jogging tracks without stretching your body first. But this is far from the truth as a study suggested that runners found it difficult to run long miles, as their body felt less efficient due to the stretching. So, it’s better to warm up and activate your joints by walking a few steps and then ideally give a stretch post-run.

Myth Buster

Pre workout stretches are a must: There is a popular notion that stretching before a workout will reduce the chances of muscle tear, but researchers from the University of Hull, England discredited this belief. They concluded that static stretching has proved futile in lessening the possibility of an exercise-related injury.

Source: Journal on static stretching

Stretching is great for cool-down session post-exercise and Xn8 Resistance Bands can be an ideal solution to stretch your muscles and joints after a rigorous workout session.

  • Diet alone is not sufficient to stay fit: If weight management has been bothering you since forever, even when you are following the keto, high fat, banana, or egg diet, then it's time to think why nothing is working in your favor. Ever wondered why even strictly following these diets as part of your fitness routine has not resulted in weight loss? The fact is you can't win this battle by using only one tool. If weight loss is your mission, then you have to come out of this bubble that tells you to control your taste buds only, but not to engage in physical activity.

Weight fluctuation is common, with only 5% of total dieters coming off successful in maintaining their weight through diet.

 Source: Weight Loss: Diet vs. Exercise

  • Social media can be your biggest motivation: Lately, social media was blamed for spreading negativity and fake ambiance of perfection. Who would have thought that scrolling through your Facebook or other social media platforms can actually motivate you to set your fitness goals? Everyone wants to look good in photos, and sharing them with friends on a digital account is fun for sure. This means nobody wants his/her unappealing photo to be shared by their friends. That’s how a fear of being tagged in a rather unpleasant photo of yours boosts you to get moving. A study by Fitbit suggested that more people felt motivated to start exercise due to the constant sharing of fitness-loaded photos of their friends.

More than 40% of users indicate that information found on social media affects the way they approach their health.

Source: Fitspiration On Social Media: Is It Helping Or Hurting Your Health Goals?

  • Don’t lift those heavy weights early in the morning: Strength training is great, but you might not want to lift heavy weights first thing in the morning because it increases your risk of getting infected from bacteria and viruses. You really don't want to compromise your immune system, do you? Let's just start your day with something gentle on your body like a walk, jog, or low-intensity workout, and save the heaving training session for the evening.

Myth Buster

Early bird catches the worm: Working out early in the morning has always been considered a great practice for boosting your metabolism. Plus, doesn’t it feel awesome to get it done in the first half of the day? But according to a study published in the Journal of Physiology in 2019; 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. is as effective a time for exercise as early morning.

Source: The Journal of Physiology

  • Men and women have different body mechanisms and so are their fitness needs: If you and your spouse have set fitness goals together, and are planning to exercise as a couple, then you might need to think again. While exercising as a couple is a great way to motivate yourself, you should know that a woman’s body responds to exercise and diet in a completely different way than a man. That means hitting the gym together is great but following the same workout is Nah. To catch up on the fitness goals of a man, a woman needs to exercise a lot more than his better half. So, just tailor your workout routine according to your physical dynamics and let the spark begin.

Contrary to popular belief that the human body is the same in its overall response to exercise, as well as many studies conducted specifically on men in the arena, women have a completely different physiological makeup than men.

Source: How Men and Women Respond Differently to Exercise 

  • 60% of gym memberships go down the dump: Joining a gym is like a New Year resolution for everyone but not many of us make it to the gym. A study conducted in different regions of the United States found out that more than 60% of gym memberships go unused as members stop exercising within 6 months. Instead of wasting money on gym membership, it’s more ideal to choose something sustainable and cheap. Go for a run or hike, or buy handy fitness equipment and start exercising at home, more like a home gym.

Want to know how you can take some time out for exercise with your busy schedules?  Check out:Top 10 Fitness Equipment for Your Busy Lifestyle

Myth Buster

If you want to have a chiseled body, get your hands on the gym membership you have been avoiding lately.  Hands down, this is the mega myth created by gym bunnies.

Take a look at how you can work out at home by using Xn8 Sports Aerobic Stepper, without hassling about having a gym membership.

  • 1 hour of exertion won't make up for the lack of activity in the remaining 23 hours: So, you think staying all day in bed, or having a deskbound routine can be compensated with an hour of sweating in the gym? Then you need to think again. A number of health specialists are of the view that long hours of sitting passively make you vulnerable to serious health problems; damage that can't be recompensed with physical activity otherwise. It’s time to rethink your fitness and critically analyze how you spend the rest of your day? If the answer is basically no movement for the rest of the day, then start making little changes right away. Small activities done with consistency can have a huge impact on your lifetime fitness.

Research continues to emerge supporting the notion that small bouts of exercise accumulated throughout the day may provide many of the same benefits as one continuous bout of activity.

Source: Do Mini Workouts Throughout The Day Provide The Same Benefit as One Continuous Workout?

  • Spot-training isn’t that great as hyped: There is this notion attached to spot-training or spot reduction that if you work profoundly on a specific part of your body, you can lose fats from that region without affecting other body parts. Unfortunately, this is not as true as you desperately want it to. There are no reliable research findings that prove the effectiveness of spot reduction, but many discredit and question the science behind it. Let’s get it straight; weight loss does not occur haphazardly. If you expose your certain body part to high-intensity exercise, you shed fats not only from the targeted area but from your whole body.

Targeting “trouble areas” through isolated exercises in lieu of a comprehensive training approach is just as popular and ineffective as ever. 

Source: Myths and Misconceptions: Spot Reduction and Feeling the Burn


Starting a fitness journey can be a great source of joy because you definitely are going to experience better health and improved quality of life. But it’s better to research thoroughly before believing in anything that you may read on the internet so that you can have a clarity of mind. Just like in any other industry, many false impressions have been associated with exercise and fitness, but with the right knowledge at hand, you can do much better.


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