Does Head guard stop you from getting knocked out?

Does Head guard stop you from getting knocked out?

Does Head guard stop you from getting knocked out?

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses—behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” – Muhammad Ali

Getting knocked out in the boxing ring is a nightmare for some amateur boxers. Believe it or not, it sucks getting knocked out especially when you’ve brought your date to show her your skills. When I started boxing, as my hobby, this fear remained with me for so long. I remember I was scared to death when the first time I entered the boxing ring. Hey, we were just a bunch of friends grown up watching Mike Tyson, Ricardo Lopez, and Muhammad Ali sweating buckets in the ring. We could literally feel that adrenaline rush, and that's what convinced us to join a local boxing club. Anyway, getting back to the point, which is that the fear of getting knocked out is worse than its actual happening.

FEAR Can Knock Your Brain Out

Yes, very much. Fear is an emotion just like other emotions we feel every single day and it does affect our ability to think clearly and act right. This fear of getting knocked down can mess with your mind and may cause you to change your fighting style. Plus, it can be bad enough to upset you as a fighter, and if it has happened to you, I wonder if it will help you or hurt you in the next round.

To those who have been knocked down – I can feel your frustration and fear. You may have been through both physical and psychological pain. Oh boy, the humiliation, the embarrassment that you may have felt before your folks. It does suck!

But one that you forget is that you are just an amateur, and if you step in the ring, this alone is a big achievement. This means you've already weighed down your fear, and you are there to conquer them. Many just quit their passion to box because their fear of getting hurt already knocks them out. Give yourself some credit and try to know the strategies and gears that can best help you in defense.  Speaking of which, I should get to the main aim of this blog which, by the way, I intended to write considering this fear factor.  Let’s shed some light on one of the useful boxing protective gear- head guard, and how this fellow can help you fight without fear.

Head Guard Matters

Boxing is undeniable one of the most-watched combat sports after football. Period. If you look at this graph, you can easily see its popularity trend in the United States of America between 2011 to 2020. With time, people are participating in this sport not just to show off their machoism, but many have taken up this sport to stay physically and mentally fit. If you are one of them too, my only advice would be to chase your goal but don't get reluctant about safety. Companies like Xn8 Sports are manufacturing top-grade boxing protective gears, and if you want to train like a champ,  you need to get started with essential boxing equipment.

Source: Statista

Head guard is the most commonly used and known equipment among other boxing protective gear. If you want to venture into the world of boxing, don't forget to add this useful equipment to your checklist. I certainly want you to start safely so no careless injury can demotivate you from pursuing your interest. When you know you are training safely, you’ll be able to focus your attention on more important things like perfecting the jab, uppercut, and the cross.

Boxing is a combat sport, and just like any other combat sport, it involves a lot of punching and hitting. Likewise, it is extraordinary physically challenging, but the sport in itself is not as dangerous as some might think from the graphic images of boxers fighting in the ring.  The fact is, the risk of serious injury is just as much as it is in any other sport such as cycling, racing, or rugby. This means all you need to have is the right protective gear, and you are good to go.

There's always a risk with any blow to the head, whether it's delivered by a boxing glove or a rugby player's knee. Any blow to the head always carries the risk of a problem. In reality, it's a very rare occurrence.

Source: Dr. Mike Loosemore (British Boxing Team)

 I want to ask you why do you wear boxing gloves? To protect your hands and punch hard. Right? In fact, I've seen a lot of newbies who want to start training; boxing gloves are always on the top of their list. If I say it more precisely, boxing gloves are related to boxing in the same way as pedals are related to the bicycle. Yes, nobody of us would consider boxing without a pair of boxing gloves. Likewise, you also need to protect your head from a possible injury so that you can train safely with only clear goals in your head.

Benefits of a Head Guard

One of the questions I've often been asked by my fellows is that; whether one should practice sparring with or without a head guard? Well, it depends. If you are up for a light sparring session, the head guard can protect you from minor contusions, but for heavy sparring, this can’t do much other than protecting your face. But the whole context of this blog is to promote safe boxing among newbies who may have given up on their interest because they were too scared to give it a try.

Let's just quickly see what are some of the top benefits you can gain from wearing a head guard for boxing?

1. Protection from Bruises

Imagine that you have covered your head with a leather-made covering. Don't you think the chances of you receiving bruises or cuts are minimal as compared to the scenario in which you are training with a bare head? Head guard is a favor that you’ll do for your protection in the same way you wear boxing gloves and imply other techniques to keep yourself safe.  

If you are looking for a head guard with sweat-wicking inner lining so you can train comfortably, have a look at Xn8 Sports Head Guard Beat’ em Series.

2. Protection from Headbutts

Training in the presence of a coach or with a friend is a different thing because you train in a controlled setting. But once you are in a ring, it's a different story. What if your opponent is famous for a headbutt in the ring? This is the kind of situation where boxing headgear can be of service. You certainly don't want to encounter a headbutt because not only it is painful, but it can cause injury to your head.

Xn8 Sports head guard is what you need to save your head from a sharp strike by your opponent.

3. Gives you Sense of Security

It does not only have physical but psychological benefits too. If you are an amateur and have just started throwing punches, wearing a head guard will most definitely give you a sense of security. When your mind will be at ease, you'll be more confident to play around with some aggressive moves, and you can easily agitate your opponent with this confidence. You'll be able to replace your fear of getting hit with the confidence to make a move. This feeling of protection and confidence is vital for beginners to grow and get better.

4.It’s in the Rulebook

Yes, it’s about rules. In the USA, it is one of the rules set by many boxing organizations for amateurs to wear proper boxing protective gear including head guards for training bouts and fights.  Boxers can face grave repercussions in case of violation of this rule; even it can cause them expulsion from the fight. Hence, if you are looking forward to joining a club, get yourself ready to wear heard guard, and it is for your own good.

Searching for a top-grade boxing head guard? Xn8 Sports boxing protective gear collection is ready to help.


For professionals and amateurs, getting hit is a way of life. You want to box no matter for what reason; you must come ready to get clocked. But don't let this fear take away the best of you. Like any other sport, there are equipment for protection in boxing too. For a beginner, a head guard to avoid minor injuries or cuts is a grand thing to stay motivated and keep going forward. But remember, only protecting your head won’t be enough if you are preparing for bigger fights. You may need to invest in other boxing essentials such as shin guards, hand wraps, and inner boxing gloves. If you want to invest in these equipment that must be worth every penny of yours, the Xn8 Sports boxing equipment collection is all you need to look at.   

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