How Punch Bag is a Stress Buster

How Punch Bag is a Stress Buster

How Punch Bag is a Stress Buster

Stress is a common psychological reaction to the daily grind of life and also the body's natural response to danger. Stress has become a part of our lives, an emotional reaction that we give to almost every nerve-wracking situation. As you would have observed in your surroundings, every person is stressing over one thing or another. Most recently, the situation of lockdown, after the contagious COVID-19, has even aggravated the mental condition of people more than ever before. It has especially become commonplace for most of Americans, and the reason varies from an unstable economy to a prolonged pandemic situation.

The majority of adults reported the future of our nation (81%), the coronavirus pandemic (80%), and political unrest around the country (74%) as significant sources of stress in their lives.

Source: American Psychological Association Survey Report

Stress can lead to other serious issues that is why it is important not to take it lightly. Chronic stress, if not treated, causes depression, inflammation, and sleeping disorder, so start thinking now if you want to do something now or wait till things get out of control.

Exercise helps to deal with stress, and there are ample studies to back this fact. Doctors and physicians all over the world suggest that exercising not only helps in keeping you fit, but is also instrumental in keeping you mentally sound. We all are aware of the health and mental benefits of physical activities so let's stay on this track and talk about why a punch bag workout is amazing to relieve stress?

When you hit a punching bag using both your arms and legs, it eventually tones your muscles in that region. Also, hitting the punch bag with all your might goes a long way in building your strength and stamina. Be prepared to feel the intensity of this workout because it sure will make you sweat buckets, and with an intense punching session, there will be an added benefit of releasing your stress.

Now let’s discuss what is the science behind punch bag being such an extraordinary tool for kicking your stress out.

1- Recurrence of Movements 

Obviously, a punch bag workout is the repetition of movements in which you keep hitting the bag incessantly. A research-based article on Mayo Clinic suggests that exercise in which you repeat movements, such as swimming or hitting a punch bag,  cuts down the stress level significantly. Those fast-paced movements of your arms and legs quiet your mind because you are focusing your energy on mastering the activity. When you are into the heat of hitting a punch bag, the challenge keeps your mind focused on your movements and not on your tensions that eat up all your energy. This gives you a much-needed mental break from the constant daily grind and a chance to recuperate your energy to focus on solving those problems. 

2- Mental Connection

It does provide you a mental connection that really aids in releasing your tension. Thinking about how then keep reading. Imagine yourself standing in front of a punching bag on which you are landing punches with all your strength. In this situation, your energy is focused on only one object, an object which is standing right in front of you – a punch bag. When you are focusing only on that piece of equipment, it's the right time to use your imagination and use your mental ability to turn it into a stand-in to deal with a clumsy part of your life. Picture this punch bag packed with the negative energy that you so desperately want to vanish. As you hit it, consider that you are defending yourself against that harmful energy. This way, it becomes more of a mental exercise that subconsciously takes away control from your predicaments and leaves you feeling stronger more than ever.

3- Builds Confidence

Why would you need to hit a punching bag? Obviously for the purpose of training for a combat sport such as boxing or kickboxing.  Many people start practicing martial arts or combat sports to defend themselves in an adverse situation. Therefore, training on a punch bag emphasizes the idea that you are equipped with the necessary skills to defend yourself. With continual practice, your moves become faster and stronger, and this boosts your confidence in yourself. Research published in the Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice presented the finding that the boost in confidence helps lessen anxiety. The paper concluded that physical exercise elevates self-esteem along with reducing a certain amount of depression and anxiety.  

After a vigorous practice session in a gym, when you walk away from the punch bag to fight your problems, the confidence you get from learning the self-defense skill enables you to deal with your teething troubles gracefully. It is logical that when you know you are equipped to confront the world, you feel less anxious about the uncertainties of life.

4- Chemical Reaction

You must have heard that a good yoga session or cycling round feels therapeutic, but nothing can beat a punch bag when it comes to bursting the stress. Many studies have proved that exercise stimulates the formation of new, healthy brain cells that endure the effects of stress hormones. When you train using a punch bag, it increases the production of chemicals like endorphins that help in uplifting your mood. Along with that, it also relieves muscle tension, for which stress is mostly responsible. Although hitting a punch bag is quite an intensive workout, it sure does prepare your body for other challenges.

Here it is important to highlight to our readers that punch bag can be proved as a stress buster, but it should also be kept in mind that chronic stress and anger need professional counseling if you are looking for a permanent solution.

Punch with Caution

Cautiousness is significant, be it anything. You can't just jump into something without considering the risk factor because it is your safety at stake. While you are standing in front of a punch bag to let go of your anger or frustration, think about the vulnerable areas that you need to protect, such as your hands and wrists. Experts advise to always start with a short warm-up session as it will open-up your muscles and trust me it won’t cost you a dime. Further, why not use protective gloves or wrist wraps to avoid the risk of injury under any unfortunate circumstances.

Start with hitting the middle of the punch bag. Thinking about why? Well, it’s simple. The middle portion of the punch bag is softer than the upper and lower part. Gradually work your way up to hitting the punch bag for at least three minutes. Don't forget to stop and rest in between the rounds to avoid muscle strain. When you feel really pumped up and stress leaving your mind and body, take deep breaths, drink water, and relax your body to further ease stiffness.

Don’t Forget to Cool Down

You've achieved your purpose of venting out your frustration and stress on the punch bag; now it's time to cool down, and what else can be more efficient than stretching after an intense workout. How about a yoga-style child pose? It slows down your heart rate and stretches your shoulders, which takes a lot of stress in a punch bag training.  You can also incorporate stretching in other forms to release tension from your body.

Tips to Uplift your Punch Bag Training

Before concluding this blog, we want to share some pro tips with our readers so that you can take your punch bag workout to another level.

1-Do not move the bag: Move your body, not the punch bag. It’s okay if you move it here or there a little bit, but make sure to attack it swiftly then defend.

2-Protect your face: If you are not throwing punches on the heavy bag, even then your fists should be up by your face.

3- Your knees should be bent: Keeping your knees bent positions your body in a way that enhances the center of gravity, which lets you gather more power in your punch.

4-Keep Moving: Once you become more comfortable with throwing punches on the bag, try to move around the bag too. Not only it will build confidence in you to punch but also keep your adrenaline rushing, and you’ll be ready to face your opponent.


A punch bag workout, also famously known as heavy bag training, is a boxing-inspired exercise that involves a filled heavy bag, either suspended from the ceiling or a free-standing punch bag. It’s a workout that guarantees the goodness of both cardio and strength training, and at the same time, it freed your mind from the stress that keeps your mind occupied. Think of it as an exercise meant not only to tone your arms but all your body as it engages different muscle groups of your body.

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