How to Beat Poor Digestive Health with Yoga?

How to Beat Poor Digestive Health with Yoga?

How to Beat Poor Digestive Health with Yoga?

You are truly blessed if your gut is doing good with you. Ask it to the people who are suffering from digestion issues. You and I might not see it as a problem if we haven't had suffered from it ever but it is one, and that too is quite a disturbing one.  It leads to other health problems as well such as bad mood, poor focus, acne, and believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Does it ring bells that you might know a person whom you noticed throwing tantrums out of nowhere? It could be that he/she is not happy because the gut is on strike.

Honestly speaking, it does not sound good at all that how poor digestive health might end up someone in poor body shape, bloating, stomach ache, and constipation. If you are reading this blog, then maybe you or your loved one is suffering from the situation I'm talking about. I got you. I know how you feel. And I would really gently want to ask if you have given a thought about trying options to relieve your suffering other than taking pills? Fortunately, there is research-based evidence that eating healthy food and exercise can help a great deal in this matter.

What you eat can contribute to digestive problems. Many people eat too much processed food and sugar and not enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Poor eating habits, such as eating too quickly or skipping meals, may also be part of the problem. Many digestive problems can be prevented by eating a healthy, balanced diet.



It obviously won't come as surprise to anyone that the food we take has a lot to do with our health problems. It is genetically modified plus junk food which is drastically changing our food behavior, and so does our own mood. If you fill yourself with the food that comes with the good vibe and healthy energy of nature, you'll feel a lot different. Couple with the regular exercise routine and, boom, you are on the road to recovery.

Talking about exercise, yoga needs no introduction, and it is something that has gained the trust of people over the centuries. Its health and mental benefits have been discussed and appreciated by fitness gurus, doctors, and people in general. One thing, I'll like to discuss is how yoga is your ultimate guardian in a situation as bad as the disobedient gut. 

Let’s get started with this blog as I can’t wait to tell you all amazing people that how yoga can be your next best friend in this regard.

How does Yoga help in Digestion?

Yoga has many twisted poses that are believed to help with digestion. So, if you are not feeling well, or you feel like your gut is beckoning for help, turn towards yoga. With some of the twisted angles and poses, you might get immediate relief and better digestive support in the long run.

“Yoga can aid digestion, elimination (constipation) and bloating by increasing the circulation and energy to these areas,”

 Source: HuffPost

You need to focus on deep breathing while stretching for yoga poses to target abdominal muscles. Combining it with the twists that’ll work like massage and squeeze out the intestinal toxins boots you out from the digestive distress. And you know what is better than that? Pumped-up energy that one gain from having good digestive health.

Do you know how exactly yoga does this magic?

  • When you perform yoga poses especially targeting your stomach and abdominal region, it increases the blood flow to these organs thus switches our body to the digestion mode. We all know what blood circulation means to our bodies. With better blood circulation, your organs are receiving enough oxygen to function and it means a lot to your body. It will help your body to secrete enzymes that are responsible for the breaking down of food.
  • Then comes curtain yoga poses such as forward bend and twists that efficiently help your gut health. The internal pressure on the colon increases when you put external pressure along with the abdominal contractions while doing twists and certain yoga poses. This actually helps the food you consume to move down and relieves you from notorious bloating and constipation.

Although here I want to give you a little heads up. It’s certainly not a good idea to try twisting right after your meals because it will have reverse consequences. It’s ideal to wait for at least two hours after the meal to get into the pose for the twist.

Say Good-Bye to Bloating and Indigestion with this 5 Minute Yoga Sequence

If you are still reading, you must be desperate to know any tip or yoga pose that can bring you some brief. Well, I’m glad that you make it this far because I have an amazing sequence to share with you which will only take your 5 minutes. Though it’s a short sequence yet highly efficient and includes 4 poses that can be done anywhere anytime. Let's dive into the how-to guidelines.

Pose 1: Spinal Twist

  • Start with the mountain pose. Stand with your feet firm on the yoga mat and your shoulders relax. Engage your body through your thighs and arms.
  • Now transfer the weight of your body to your right leg. Make sure your right leg and glute stay firm as they will balance your whole body.
  • Lift the left knee up towards your chest until your thigh is parallel to the yoga mat, and your foot bent.
  • Hold your left knee with your right hand.
  • Take a deep breath and stretch your body, with your belly engaged.
  • Breathe out and twist towards the left side of your body. Twist as much as you feel comfortable, and try to twist through your core, not the upper body. Do not turn around your butts.
  • If you feel your body steady on the mat, extend your left arm towards your left side
  • Hold this pose for three breaths and then gently let go.

Pose 2: Front Lunge with Side Bend

  • Moving ahead from the spinal twist, take your left to the back with an exhale.
  • Take your right left in front of you and bend your knee so that the thigh is parallel to the yoga mat. Raise the heel of your left foot and keep it steady with the help of your fingers.
  • Rest your right hand on your forward bend right knee.
  • Take your left arm over your head while lifting your torso upright to keep your legs strong and active. Now sweep your other arm over the head so that the palms of both hands face each other.
  • Clasp your hands and twist your torso towards the right side of the body, stretching through the left side.
  • Hold this pose for at least three breaths.

Pose 3: Extended Pyramid

  • From the lunge position, straighten your right leg and extend your spine upwards with hands on your butts.
  • Engage your abdominal muscles and press firmly on the mat through your feet. Firm up your right leg so that your knee cap is lifted.
  • Fold your torso over your right leg and ground your fingertips on the yoga mat. With this, hang your head over the right knee.
  • Alternatively, you can use the yoga blocks for this pose. Grab yoga blocks and place them on the sides of the right foot. Put your hand on these yoga blocks while folding your torso over the leg.
  • Hold this position for three breaths and gently let go.

Pose 4: Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

  • Starting with the staff pose, flex your left knee and bring the sole of your left foot to the outside of your right knee on the yoga mat.
  • Bend the right knee and fold the right foot near the left side of the hips.
  • Breathe out and twist your torso to the left side. Straight up for the right arm, and bring the elbow to the outside of the left knee. Place the palm of your left hand on the yoga mat behind your hip bones.
  • Look towards your left shoulder but do not strain your neck. Your body should twist through your core and not from the neck.
  • With each inhale, extend the spine, and with exhale extend the twist a little.
  • Hold this pose for three breaths. To let go of the pose, start with the neck, then upper body, and finally core. Then switch sides and so the same pose to the other side of your body.

This is the sequence of useful yoga poses that can be intensively relieving for your condition. If you couple this sequence with the right kind of food, you have a high chance of ditching your gut issues.

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