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Top 10 Fitness Equipment for Your Busy Lifestyle

Top 10 Fitness Equipment for Your Busy Lifestyle

It is scientifically proven that an inactive lifestyle leads to a plethora of diseases, not only in the body but in the mind too.

Considering the fact that the state of mental health in America is far beyond satisfactory, with 9.7% of youth suffering from severe depression, it won’t be difficult to ascertain that a good number of people can reap the benefits of maintaining a fitness regime.

"Mental health situation in America is failing and the number of youth suffering from severe depression has increased from 9.2% in 2018 to 9.7% in 2019."

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How strange is it that people can quit a bad habit if it has some serious health implications, but not majority of them are willing to start a healthy habit like exercise to keep their heart pumping.

Not exercising enough can take a toll on both mental and physical health. Let’s talk about some of the repercussions that can possibly hit you due to an inactive lifestyle.

Effects of Lack of Physical Activity on Health

  • Obesity, all over the world, has turned many heads and health specialists can’t stress enough on sedentary lifestyle as its primary reason
  • Cardiovascular diseases have taken the world as a leading cause of death around the globe, for which lack of exercise can be blamed as one of the major contributing factors
  • Reluctance to take some time out for a walk or any physical activity can increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Genetically modified food, alcohol, and smoking are not the only causes of cancer as scientists have added deskbound routine too into this list
  • It also has consequences on sleep time, which gets reduced significantly
  • Depression and anxiety is believed to be triggered easily in less active people

How Appropriate Fitness Accessories Help You Cater to Your Dynamic Physical Needs?

The technological boom has often been criticized for meddling with our diet and sedentary behaviors, thus creating an obesogenic environment. At the same time, it is impossible to deny that technology can help us modify our behavior and to improve our health, and so it does by changing fitness regime for us.

When it comes to fitness, the word “gym” has been wired into our minds. It seems impossible for majority of us to achieve our ideal body goals without hitting a gym or using that specialized fitness equipment you have just seen on a YouTube video.

But if you are a busy bee, you might be happy to know that manufacturers in this industry are constantly innovating home gym accessories. That means all you have to do is pick an appropriate fitness gear and get started. Let’s have a look at how exercise equipment can assist in catering to your physical needs;

  • You can efficiently work on each body part or can enhance your muscle density in your desired area
  •  Granted the fact that you can still do a workout without any exercise equipment, but having one means an elevated motivation level that can help you achieve your body goals in a short period
  • A clear benefit of owning a piece of gym accessories at your home is that you can add variety to your workout routine and can switch between simple and complex exercises
  • Not all of us are fit enough to incorporate exercise in our daily life, but luckily with some of the training equipment, health condition is no more a limitation to push yourself towards boundaries. For instance, abs rocket chair has helped people in reducing their back pain, at the same time building their abs

The Significance of the Balance between Fitness Workout and a Busy Routine

If your life is going at full speed while constantly tripping over the balance between your work life, personal life, and a fitness regime; the only solution that comes to your head is quitting over the last one. You think it is more realistic than tiring yourself in this struggle of accomplishing everything at once. But, is it really? A reference of a study shared in Harvard Business Review tells us otherwise though:  

 A survey conducted on a certain number of adult population reported that people who managed to exercise daily were less susceptible to conflict between their role both at work and in home.

Source: How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance Work and Family

Hanging up on to something so rewarding, like an exercise, just because of disruptions in your busy routine does not seem like an ideal solution, because you are missing a key, ‘maintenance’.

Instead of quitting all over this exercise thing, you can opt to maintain a reduced amount of training schedule. This way, you don’t have to push harder to your boundaries and only have to do exercise a few days a week or maybe on weekends, and can still get the benefits.

Remember, this is not the end of the world if you choose to do your unattended tasks on a day you were supposed to do your workout. The next day is still a good day to pick up where you left because all that matters is consistency.

Nobody expects you to maintain a balance in your life by grinding yourself day in day out, and not leaving enough room to breathe. This way, you will lose the focus and motivation that you need to keep going. Reducing your workout days or your training time will keep you committed to your goal.

Finding Time for Exercise No Matter How Crazy Busy You Are

For some people, finding time for anything seems like next to impossible. With the daily grind of life, everyone is pretty lost in their lives. Many health issues have also stemmed from this sedentary lifestyle and there is no denying that the American healthcare system has been financially suffocated due to its citizens’ unwilling attitude towards any form of physical activity.

The first-world country with its citizens burning the midnight oil to keep their economy flourishing might seem like a plausible justification for this nonchalant behavior, but the alarming health situation is an outcry that can’t be ignored whatsoever.  

When you feel like trapped in the circus of life where there is no room for your favorite activity, how would you manage some time for exercise?  I think we have the top three solutions that can work for you just awesome.

1. Set doable fitness workout target daily

You might have been feeling a little off-guard listening to your colleague bragging about his 2-hours gym workout session because this just isn’t possible after working overtime to pay your mortgages. But taking out 15 minutes daily to do crunches, pushups, planks or any exercise to keep your body in shape is not only realistic but doable. This is even great if you are a beginner and just hopping on a train that could take you a little closer to your fitness goals.

2. Commute time or exercise time

You sure have to travel a few kilometers from your home to your workplace. Have you ever thought about turning this time into your exercise time?  Here are some ideas to do that;

  • Get off from the bus one or two stops earlier and walk towards your destination
  • Ever thought about running to work? It might feel scarier to you in the beginning, but once you get into it, it becomes incredibly easy with time
  • You can switch from your car to a bicycle and start cycling if the distance is a little too long

3. Keep Track of Your Activity

There is an old saying that, "if you don't measure it, it doesn't exist". Keeping track of your activity goals is necessary to keep pushing. You can do this by writing date, time, and activity on your notebook or notepad and can assess yourself against these entries.  In this way, you will know when you are about to slip from your workout routine.

Following these tips can definitely help you proceed with your fitness regimen even if you are super busy. There was a time when going to the gym was easy but now we all know that how the pace of life has fastened up, which leaves us barely a room to experience other pleasures of life. But instead of staying stuck in this dilemma, you can do something about it. Want to take your fitness game to next level? Let us help you stay fit and in shape with our suggestions on the top 10 fitness gears that you can bring to your home right away.

Top 10 Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

Now that we know staying fit does not require you to own a gym membership, let's talk about the top 10 fitness equipment that are easily available for you to purchase for your home gym or get on rent.

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are famous strength training equipment, easily available to every individual according to their need. Dumbbells cater to the fitness need of everyone by increasing bone density and muscle strength, which in return, helps cut off your calories. According to American Heart Association (AHA), people engaged in strength training have a lower risk of damaging their body tissues in case of an injury. To find out why you should include dumbbells as part of your weight training equipment, you may check out the following link:


2. Kettlebells

If you are a person who is not really comfortable in building muscles using heavy weights, then you will find kettlebell an ideal choice for you. Just like dumbbells, you can order kettlebells online, and guess what, you don’t need a separate space to keep this equipment in your apartment. Kettlebell is an amazing home workout equipment, famously known for building core strength, balance, coordination, while also burning calories and forming lean muscles.

3. Exercise Mat

The first thing that pops up in our mind while thinking about owning some basic home fitness products, is an exercise mat.  No matter if you are doing yoga, Pilates, or stretching, a fitness mat helps you to maintain a posture by providing a solid base, so you don’t slip all over the place while holding your breath to stay still. Easily available at cheap rates, it definitely makes it to the list of handy fitness equipment.

4. Exercise Ball

Playing will a ball as a child is a cherished memory of every one of us. Now it makes us wonder how simply it was our source of joy and activity and it still is. An exercise ball also called a stability ball, is an effective fitness accessory that can add both fun and variety to your training. Bouncing on exercise ball is not only exciting, but challenging and many studies validated its effectiveness in working out the abs and for greatly increasing muscle activity.

5. Pull-up Bars

If you are looking for exercise equipment that can help develop coordination between your muscles and joints, then a pullup bar is the answer. You may think of it as a tricky, military drill kind of exercise, but with basic knowledge, it can be one of the most effective tools in your workout resource.  Though it has several benefits; you would hardly see a pull-up bar in a gym, which makes it all the more ideal home workout equipment.

One of the lesser-known benefits of a pull-up bar is that you don't have to worry about working on each muscle separately. You can pull out the benefits of different exercises through this single workout, which means not only you can save time, but also don't have to pay a single penny for a gym membership to get into shape.

6. Ankle Weights

Ankle weights
seem like an easy way to include a fitness workout in your busy routine. Just strap them around your ankle or wrist and go about doing your chores. This simply turns your daily routine into a workout. You can also use them while working on your glutes, thigh area, and lower back to add an element of intensity. With fitness ankle weights, you can keep your hands off for other activities such as holding a water bottle, or your phone for social media updates.

7. Resistance Bands

After a busy day at the office, you may don't want to push your body harder by doing cardio or weightlifting.  At the same, you want something pocket-friendly, as you have bills to pay and groceries to run by the end of the month. Resistance bands are not only cheap but portable, which clearly means you can carry them with you anywhere. Not only can they help to add mass and tone to your muscles, but can also be used for resistance exercises for the rehabilitation post-injury.

8. Aerobic Stepper

If you are thinking about starting aerobics as your fitness regime, then go ahead, as research shows that aerobic exercises are a stress burner, mood lifter, and energy booster. The aerobic stepper is a piece of perfect high-intensity training equipment to burn calories, build strength as well as cardiovascular health. Complement with that, as mentioned earlier, step aerobics can elevate your mood, which we all need after a stressful day. Instead of taking out extra time for your gym sessions for these amazing benefits, you can easily have this exercise stuff at home.

9. Skipping Rope

Skipping rope or as called jump rope, is a great way to lose those stubborn calories.  Easily available and portable, a skipping rope is a cardio exercise that works for full-body. You can do it anytime, and also in between your household chores or meeting schedules. Take it anywhere you want and just keep your motivation going. A jump rope is an easy way to keep your fitness in check amidst your demanding timetables.

10. Standing Punch Bag

You may think that a punch bag is not your cup of tea, but do you know punch bag is famously considered a stress buster. Now blowing off some steam is just a punch away from you and at the same time, you can have a great time ravishing an intense training and that too, right from your home. With a free standing punch bag, you don’t have to worry about hanging it in the right space. Just place it in your room or garage and start building your stamina and strength, because this is going to be a test of your physical exertion.


Fitness equipment has changed the way of exercising. Interestingly, one does not have to get his gym membership to work on his abs and muscles, and that too, when there is not enough time after a long busy day.

Even if you are not totally dedicated to your fitness goals, it can still happen that you can integrate a single exercise into your daily life to feel more energetic.

Only by taking yourself seriously, you stand a chance to become a better version of yourself both in mind and body, and physical training is a great way to kick it off. So, let's prioritize exercise not only as a mean to attain that chiseled body, but also for a calmer mind and a heart.

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