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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Train in Combat Sports

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Train in Combat Sports

A combat sport, also famously known as contact sport, emphasizes a face-off between two players. Some of its categories require only tackling of players with the use of force while others like MMA are scored on impacting a challenger.

MMA, previously referred to as ultimate fighting, involves full physical contact, and incorporates techniques from other combat sports and martial arts, and due to this crossover, the term ‘mixed martial arts’ gained popularity in public.


Combat sports are becoming immensely popular among people as they are now more conscious about their health and fitness, and are mentally more resilient to take on this challenge. People who are fearless to push beyond their boundaries get the best out of this sport that not only provides a healthy lifestyle but a challenging environment to thrive hard.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, started in the USA in 1993, was the beginning of a whole new era of martial arts. UFC is the single largest company responsible for the promotion of Mixed Martial Arts in the world. Undoubtedly, it has played a significant role in turning the heads of the audience towards the martial arts in a completely different way.

In 2019, the number of participants (aged six years and above) in mixed martial arts for fitness amounted to approximately 2.41 million.

Source: Number of participants in mixed martial arts for competition in the United States from 2011 to 2019

A lot is going on in the world of combat sports and that includes (but not limited to) wrestling, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, boxing, and MMA. Right now, all over the world, boxing and MMA have more viewership and a great number of people have started training in them compared to any other form of martial arts.

Why Choose Combat Sports Over Routine Exercise?

If you look around in your surroundings, you will find people in bad shape, emotionally wrecked, and physically drawn to their own shell. The technological boom has taken the pleasure of outdoor activities from everyone as digital space has become our new time pass. With increased screen time, we have somehow lost our social touch points and fitness has only become our New Year Resolution on paper.

It is extremely disturbing that we have traded our mind, health, and body in exchange for a cozy lifestyle because the idea of moving out of our comfort zone gives us heebie-jeebies. But let’s face the fact. We all have seen the serious repercussions of cuddling to this kind of lifestyle, so it’s about time to incorporate combat sports in our everyday life to stay fit and healthy.

We are not trying to build a notion that the only way to healthy living is a hard way and there shouldn’t be any easy approach that we must follow. In fact, we are establishing an opinion that doing a meaningful activity with consistency has far greater benefits and impacts on the quality of life.

Why not aerobics or cardio but combat sports? The answer is simple. Because there are certain plus points that you can only achieve through combat sports; a complete package for your mind and body. Let’s dig deep into ‘why’ combat sports.

1-They build resilience: Exercise sure does wonders to your body and a combat sport is no exception, but the stamina it builds knows no bounds. Boxing especially, helps in improving the reflexes and you can burn up to 500 calories with one hour of practice. But to shine out in a true sense, confidence is the key and boxing ensures that you build not only a stronger body but a stronger mind.

They give you the confidence that you need to tackle in all kinds of difficult situations. Just like that, kickboxing promises to give you much stronger core and toned legs. Kicking a punching bag elevates you to another level of strength and burns more calories than in any other physical activity.

Interestingly, you would never hear about building huge muscles via mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, or kickboxing. In fact, compared to any other form of exercise, where you have to lift insane weights for your ideal body, combat sports have a completely different all-around outlook towards physical fitness.

They train every muscle and bone in the body, so you won’t just lose focus in building your muscles but also help garner a better version of yourself.

2-They develop practical skills: Doing the same workout on daily basis can get you demotivated really quick, because repeating the same activity starts feeling like a chore. But with combat sports, scenes are totally different, as you learn a new technique quite frequently to defend yourself. You want to attend your training sessions with a new motivation because you know these skills are going to help you in your practical life.

As your reflexes and balance improve, your mind and body become more organized and you can make decisions within split seconds. When you are enjoying what you are doing and can see the progress in other aspects of life, then you are more likely to stick to the training.

If you are interested to know how a combat sport like martial art can foster a different outlook on life, read on 5 Most Important Things Martial Arts Taught Me About Life.

3-They keep your emotions stable: We all know how important it is to stay calm and under control when coming face-to-face with a stressful situation. Combat sports have been famously known as stress busters and with adequate practice, you will get to know how to keep your emotions under check. But how?

When a fighter is in direct physical contact with his opponent, he can’t blow a fuse and start swinging wildly. In fact, thinking with a clear head and dealing effectively with adrenaline is part of his training.

This is something that is going to turn tables for you if you train in a combat sport of your choice. Because you’ll be more rational and emotionally stable, and will be able to make conscious judgments.

Even better, people who are into combat sports, have a better chance to release the stress that others pile up constantly. Punching, pulling, and defending against the challenger allows the combatant to let go of destructive feelings in a friendly environment.

Stress yields energy that doesn’t let you sleep. So, ditch this negative energy and exhaust those negative emotions on a punching bag to become a mentally stabler version of you.

4-They keeps you on edge to take new challenges: A starting point in combat sports may not be highly intense and challenging, but it sure has a difficult turn. Once your body gets tougher and your mind more attentive, a good trainer will start pushing you towards your boundaries. Because your body can now push beyond its limits and progression becomes somewhat addictive to the fighter. Taking on a new challenge never remains intimidating because you are not afraid of any threatening situation and working for success becomes an ultimate goal.

Top 3 Combat Sports

If you are seriously considering starting training in contact sports, then there are plenty of options for you. Before making any decision, you must do your research and assess your preferences to know your cards well. Below are some details about the top three combat sport that are immensely popular in the world right now and might help you narrow down your interest from a whole lot.


Undoubtedly, boxing is one of the most widely known combat sports all over the world and for all the good reasons. It’s a complete sport where you are not only hitting your opponent using your hands, but every muscle of your body is engaged in an action-packed fight.

It not only gives the adrenaline rush you might be looking for in this kind of sport, but it is also perfect for a beginner, as boxing equipment are not so costly either. As an ideal stress buster, boxing not only helps you get rid of the stress and anger, but with constant training, you will also know self-defense techniques.

Boxing boosts self-esteem and confidence and inculcates a sense of accomplishment that is often missing in a number of people. It helps build a supportive social circle and distracts the participant from the daily grind of life.

Source: Could boxing be a secret weapon in the fight against anxiety and depression?

Why Boxing?

It is traditional: It is no surprise that boxing is a traditional sport and has been played for ages. Over time, legends were born in the ring and had captivated the minds of people- figures like Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, and Rocky Marciano ruled the hearts of their fans. First started with the ancient Greeks lifting their fists in play, to the showy, dazzling glares of the Las Vegas strip, boxing has been imprinted in the pages of human account.

It has the hype: We all know the hype boxing matches get from social media and TV and who doesn’t want to feel that hype? It keeps you motivated to ace your game and keeps your adrenaline pumping.

It is intensive: No doubt, boxing is a highly intense sport that keeps you on the edge of an intoxicating rhythm. Anyone who has put on the boxing gloves or even hit that heavy punching bag would corroborate the intensity of stamina it takes to box. Those 3 minutes’ rounds can be deceptive, as in the ring, these can be the longest ticks of a player’s life.

While boxing may give you all the thrill you are looking for, but safety is as important as adventure. It is important that you invest wisely in boxing protective gear like head guard and hand wraps or inner gloves. To get high quality boxing gloves and other boxing gear, visit https://xn8sports.com/collections/protective-gear

2- MMA

MMA, as the name suggests, is a combination of techniques from different types of martial arts. Like kickboxing, you will be using both hands and legs, but along with that, the ground fight is hugely emphasized in this sport. MMA is definitely a complete contact sport that consumes all your physical resources and does wonders to your body.  It is one of the fastest-growing sports and has drawn the attention of a large number of people in the world.

While you may think, why you should get yourself involved in this seemingly brutal game; the answer is quite straightforward. Curiosity and competition are in human nature, which along with social institutions, intrigues us to excel others in any field of life.

Sometimes out of curiosity or for the sake of competition, we want to challenge ourselves, and if you are looking for all-in-all physical exertion and thrilling action, then MMA is the right choice for you.

To get started with your training, invest wisely on hand wraps and shin guards for MMA or MMA sparring gloves.

Why MMA?

It teaches you discipline: Self-discipline is one of the best traits you can inculcate through MMA. You may have been spending your life in the fear of failure, but MMA changes this approach by taking away this fear from you. When you train in MMA, discipline becomes your second nature and teaches you to fight back your insecurities. You go after success and get it because every time you fall, it tells you to get back on your feet and fight harder.

It teaches you self-defense: Self-defense is almost the central theme of every combat sport, but MMA gives you a whole new perspective on self-defense. The intense training you receive to learn this art significantly improves your reflex movements that work for your benefit if you come across a frightful situation. It gets much easier, with your reflexes always on guard, to look out for yourself in any situation.

It teaches you balance: Balance is a guaranteed outcome when you start training. As you will use your hands and legs simultaneously, the coordination of different muscle groups of your body will progress on the whole. Not only will you be able to smoothly balance your body movements, but it will also build up your cardiovascular aptitude and make you stronger.

3-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Unlike boxing and kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is based on ground fighting and focuses on grappling techniques. If you are very tall and you live in dodgy surroundings, then BJJ is for you as it will train you for the worst. It teaches you how to neutralize a stronger and bigger contender securely and swiftly without having a big mass of muscles. What’s so great about BJJ is that it is excellent for both women and kids, as it prides itself as a gentle form of martial arts.

Why BJJ?

It builds personality: Some days you feel over the moon and some days will knock you down, making you think why even bother attend a class. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you to accept failure and move on with an open mind to learn from your defeat. Plus, it exposes you to the thrill ride of emotions, which makes you physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

It encourages nonstop self-improvement: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu humbles you and with time, you learn that this is the art that you can never fully master. You know why? Because there are hundreds of techniques to master in BJJ and also fresh ones being discovered every day. Then, you understand that only by working constantly, you can improve and also that there is still a lot on the plate for you to accomplish the finesse.

It is a great workout: It is a great physical activity that transforms your body without you realizing it. You get so focused on learning new tactics and drills that it becomes hard to tell how many calories you’ve burned or how flexible your body becomes while training for fights. Any physical exercise that takes your mind away from the pain and keeps it focused on other techniques definitely feels awesome.


Some people may discard combat sports for the reason that they involve physical contact, but for others, it is the element of thrill and action in martial arts that they want to experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new challenge in life, want to learn self-defense, or to further your martial arts gamut, trying your physical capabilities in combat sports will be highly satisfying.

Training in combat sports has a plethora of benefits which we have already covered in this blog and we believe that you owe yourself this chance to transform yourself into a better person by learning the skills that are highly adaptable in practical life. You just need to come out of your comfort zone and embrace the positivity in your life.

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