Training from Home? Why You Should Strength Train?

Training from Home? Why You Should Strength Train?

Training from Home? Why You Should Strength Train?

Pandemic has taught us several things, of which one has been commonly realized and that is to weigh the importance of health and fitness plus living life to its fullest. And should I not mention how much time we all have spent scrolling our social media accounts, and seeing those picture-perfect bodies of our favorite stars have made us envy?  Whatever the reason is if you are someone who has realized the significance of incorporating a fitness regime in your daily life during this pandemic, and has started working out at home then keep reading this blog. Because I am going to spill beans on ‘why’ you should strength train.

While the idea of lifting weight may be nerve-wracking for you in the start, but the health benefits that you'll experience with time outweigh the reservations you might have about weight training.  Still unsure that you should start practicing strength training at home or not? Here I have come up with some of the reasons that may convince you to start doing it now. Let’s start with the first reason which is that;

You’ll be better at almost everything

Yes, it does happen with resistance training. When you lift weights, it helps in increasing the muscle mass, which makes it easier for you to lift anything, not just dumbbells. So you have to carry those groceries to your home? Have to use stairs for reaching up to your office or flat? Have kids to pick? Or, be it anything the lifting of which demands energy and strength training will make it easy for you.

Plus, if you want to have increased flexibility, balance, and control of your body, weight training is the key. Admired and recommended by several fitness experts, strength training should be a part of your fitness routine to stay flexible as well as moving and lifting things smoothly.  

Strength training has been shown to reduce the risk of falling by 40 percent, which means it is a great type of workout for people of all age groups.

Source: Why grow Stronger?

You’ll burn more calories

If you have started working out, then I am pretty sure you want to get rid of those obnoxious fat deposits. Strength training is great in a way that the act of lighting weights helps you burn calories not only during the activity but also when your body is at rest mode. The credit for this passive calorie burn goes to muscle building. Your muscles need more calories from your body during the resting period so to maintain their cells. Thus, by increasing your muscle mass through weight lifting, you are increasing the rate of metabolism which effectively turns your body into a calorie-burning machine.

You’ll have a better mood

Have you ever heard of the phrase 'runners high'? That brief, highly relaxing state of euphoria after running? Well, that is not only reserved for running. All types of workout, including resistance training, have been known to release endorphins, which is basically a happy hormone. As a result of endorphin, one feels elevated after finishing a workout. Not only that, strength training is a great way to bust your stress, and there is much supporting evidence to show that weight lifting exercises are instrumental in reducing depression.

Pumping iron might inflate not only your muscles but also your mood.

Source: Strengthen Your Mood with Weight Training

You’ll have better cardiovascular health

American Heart Association has recommended resistance training twice a week for a healthy heart and body. You don't need to stress out if you are not so into bodybuilding using heavyweights. You will work just fine by performing exercises that incorporate free weights, like dumbbells or kettlebells, or using your own body weight as resistance.

Researches have shown that individuals who train using weights have better cardiovascular health, and it also aids in reducing risks and problems in people who already have a cardiac issue. Moreover, many studies have found that pumping iron at moderate intensity lowers bad cholesterol level and increase good cholesterol level, thus boosts the health of the heart.

Lifting weights for less than an hour a week may reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke by 40 to 70 percent, according to a new study.

Source: Science News

You’ll have stronger bones

We barely think of bones as the recipient, but they are actually comprised of living tissues that get stronger as a result of exercise. With the help of strength training or weight-bearing workouts such as walking and running, you, in fact, strengthen your bones by improving bone density. As I said, bones are living tissues and change their density due to the stress put on them. So when you lift weight and tug force on them, they adapt to become denser and stronger.

Studies show that strength training over some time can help prevent bone loss, and may even help build new bone.

Source: Women and Weight Training for Osteoporosis

You’ll cut down the risk of diabetes

Weight training is amazing due to its multiple health benefits. I hope you are convinced by now, but we still have more in store to tell you because we are not just done. Coming up next, let’s talk about how weight training helps in preventing the chance of you succumbing to diabetes. It does it in several ways, and there is also evidences to prove it. Weight training helps your body by improving the way it regulates sugar. Studies have established that strength training is vital in improving insulin sensitivity, and it also controls blood glucose.  Also, as I said above that strength training boosts heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and both of these factors play a vital role in diabetes management. Isn't this cool you are kicking off the risks of many diseases just by lifting weights that you have been dreading for so long?

You’ll lose more weight

Burning calories and boosting metabolism are sure what you are going to get with weight training, but another trait of it is that you'll lose more body fat. A study found that people who do strength training using weights lose six pounds of fats than those who do not. How? It is all linked to building muscles. When your body starts burning calories, it needs another source to pull energy from. When you follow those famous fad diets, your body pulls the required energy not only from the stored fats but also starts breaking down your muscles, which is not a good thing. But contrary to that, when you combine strength training with a reduced-calorie diet, you help your body build muscle mass, and in the meantime, you lose weight. Because your body is utilizing the fat stores for energy to keep you going, in this way, you lose fats and retain muscles, a win-win situation.

You’ll have enhanced focus

Strength training is also instrumental in improving your cognitive health. According to an article published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, old aged women who did work out incorporating weights every week for one to two hours have enhanced cognitive function, and also it was found that they were good at decision making and multi-tasking. The connection between weight training and brain health is simple to understand. When you lift weights, it increases the amount of blood flow to the brain, and this, in return, enhances the oxygen and nutrient levels in the brain cells. It also increases the production of neurotransmitters and brain proteins which helps in improving brain function and plasticity.  

A long-term study found that strength training led to overall benefits to cognitive performance, benefits linked to protection from degeneration in specific sub-regions of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a complex structure in the brain with a major role in learning and memory.

Source: Strength training can help protect the brain from degeneration

You’ll sleep better

Last but not least, this is a fact that exercise improves our sleeping quality. The same is the case when it comes to weight training. Performing weight-bearing exercises one or two hours before bedtime help you sleep without rolling from one side to another. Plus, it is believed that these exercises also help with sleep apnea.


Strength training is undoubtedly the most recommended form of training because of its great number of benefits, especially for our health.  I hope you'll find the reasons enlisted in this blog compelling and full of insight, and you must be convinced enough to start training from now. On this note, I'd like my readers, who have made their minds to start weight training, to head straight to the Xn8 Sports website to purchase high-quality dumbbells, bumper plate, wrist weight, and ankle weights. Safety also comes first when you train with weights, and luckily you don’t have to look anywhere else because Xn8 Sports is manufacturing top-of-the-line leather gloves for hand protection. Why settle for less when you can have the best of the best and that too at a reasonable price?

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