Why do People fail to Lose Weight?

Why do People fail to Lose Weight?

Why do People fail to Lose Weight?

Did it ever occur to you that no matter how determined you are to lose weight, you end up failing all the efforts? If yes, then you are not alone because a good number of people experience this same thing. Sometimes something biological in nature thwarts the weight loss such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid dysfunction or PCOS are commonly responsible for the weight resistance. If this is not the case, then some other reasons can be ascribed to this phenomenon.

These reasons are purely based on human character and nature. Weight loss is a fitness goal, and for this reason, it matters a lot that how we approach this goal to achieve our desired results. This blog will pen down the most common reasons people fail to get to their weight loss goal. Addressing them will hopefully help you to know that where you go wrong and what you need to set right.

Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals

While starting a weight loss journey, people set unrealistic goals based on the journey of someone else. You need to remember that everyone goes through different paths to achieve a weight that is both ideal and sustainable. You must set your goals based on your body’s requirements. It also happens that people know that the results will take time and perseverance, and due to this, they snuff out the efforts indignantly. For instance, setting a goal where you plan to lose 10 pounds in a month is a bit of exaggeration, but this is what people want to achieve. Weight loss is not an overnight process; it takes dedication and time from you. Therefore, setting lofty goals end up disappointing you rather than succeeding you in achieving a lean body. Set short and measurable goals that can still motivate you to keep going.

Binge Eating

Binge eating is often associated with emotional eating. Some people take out their stress on eating, which means an episode of sadness and stress leads them to their kitchen. Food is something that one must enjoy, but for some, it turns into a coping mechanism, which is a dangerously unhealthy habit. Not only it aids in accumulating unnecessary fats in the body, but it may also negatively affect mental health. If you fall into this category, dealing with your underlying emotions to stop obsessive eating is crucial.  Meditation and yoga are one way you can become aware of your body's true needs. Yoga and meditation are centuries-old methods to observe internal thoughts and emotions and making it part of your routine can help you break the cycle of emotional eating.   

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Fad Diets

Fad diets are one of the most common reasons that your body is not losing weight in a healthy way. When you deprive your body of the essential nutrients, it results in disrupting many physiological components that require proper nutrition to function normally. You need to put an end to the trending fad diet or better say starvation diet as a favor to your body. Any diet that is rich in one nutrient and empty of others is potentially harmful. Change your food perspective. Instead of withholding your body from the food, feed it with a balanced diet. A portion-control diet is a right approach to treat yourself, and it definitely is the healthiest way to lose weight. Restricting your body from the food sets your body on a starvation mode, which is a big NO, but it is what the fad diet does to your body. 

Quick Fixes

Every one of us wants a silver bullet that can magically solve all our problems. I know many of you must have Googled the quickest way to lose weight, devoured YouTube videos on how to build abs in a week, or take a pill that promised you to melt away excessive fat. Nevertheless, all of these are nothing but marketing gimmicks. That lean body you see on the cover photo of a magazine feeds you the desperation to get into the shape super-fast. Even if you try these quick fixes, the minute you’ll stop following them you’ll gain weight again and even more this time. Focus your energies on sustainable ways to lose weight. Remember, good things take time. Make a workout schedule and build your home gym by purchasing high-quality fitness equipment. You will need time to see the outcomes of exercise on your body, but these outcomes will be worth every effort of yours.

Compromising Health

I know how important it is for some people to lose weight because obesity is a disease per se, and the number of diseases it causes should not be taken lightly. But, nothing should come at the cost of your health. Maintaining a healthy body should be the goal, and that’s why you should keep in check the ways you are willing to adapt to reach your goal. Often people fall ill while starving their bodies to lose weight because they ignore the whole point of following a healthy fitness regime. This leads to demotivating them to carry on their struggle by following the health protocols. You need to be healthy to lose weight and not vice versa. Losing health on your journey is not worth it.

What You Should Do Instead?

Obesity, as I mentioned, comes with too many other diseases. Weight loss decisions should be aligned with your health, and for this, you need to be mindful. There is no shortcut to achieving anything good in life. The only secret ingredients to lose weight sustainably are exercise and a healthy diet, wherein both diet and exercise go hand in hand. You don’t need a gym membership. Simply buy all the necessary fitness gadgets for your home gym. A yoga mat, dumbbells, kettlebell set, resistance band set, adjustable ankle weights, and other such fitness accessories will be enough to start your workout routine efficiently. With that, eat healthy portions of food – more greens and protein. Skipping meat is a big NO. Your diet should have all the essential nutrients your body needs. Only a healthy body will fuel the weight loss process smoothly and sustainably.

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