Xn8 Sports Ab Wheeler Roller Black

Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel B2

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Type: Abs Wheel
SKU: Wheel (Big - B2) - (OLD) - Purple


  • FINEST DUAL WHEEL AB ROLLER EXERCISE MACHINE: You get the best combo of function, smoothness & resilience with Xn8 Dual Ab Wheel Roller Abdominal Workout Machine so that you can sculpt the best core and upper body safely and quickly.
  • ERGONOMIC DUAL WHEELS AB ROLLER FOR EXTRA GRIP & STABILITY: Highly ergonomic and smooth design of our ab roller wheel is complemented well with top grade non-skid rubber treads on high quality ABS plastic rims. Foam coated handle-grips further add to smooth rolling.
  • CORE FOCUSED FULL UPPER BODY TONING & STRENGTHENING: Ideal for your abs, obliques and whole core region, our fitness wheel offers you way more than expected. It can work out your whole upper body including arms, chest, back and shoulders.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ROLL OUT WHEEL: Another great reason to go for our exercize wheel is the convenient refund/returns option Xn8 offers with every single of our products. You can claim it without a hassle within 30 days of purchase.


    You will find a whole bunch of reasons for loving Xn8 Sports Dual Ab Wheel Roller Abdominal Workout Machine. From its design to looks and build quality, it will go above and beyond your exception in every single aspect. A simple but highly efficient design ensures it rolls out and back in without putting any bit of extra strain on any of your body parts, while a pair of non-skid rubber wheels mounted on top quality ABS plastic rims offers you the stability and grip you need. On top, two foam coated metal handles are there to give you the most user friendly experience. That’s why you can use our abs roller with total confidence not only to sculpt marvellous abs, but also to tone and strengthen your whole upper body including your chest, shoulders, arms and back.