Xn8 Sports Knee Brace Border 400

Xn8 Sports Knee Brace 900

Type: Knee Brace
SKU: Knee-900 (NEW) - S/M


  • SUPERIOR NEOPRENE KNEE SUPPORT BRACE FOR FLEXIBILITY & BREATHABILITY: If you are concerned about the deteriorating state of your knee joint resulting in excruciating pain, discomfort and immobility, you better resort to Xn8 Sports Knee Brace 900. It is made from best quality neoprene for superb flexibility, breathability & support.  
  • QUICK INJURY RECOVERY & RELIABLE KNEE SUPPORT OF 2 BI-CENTRIC HINGES: To ensure the most reliable support and assistance in recovering faster through your knee injuries, we rely on 2 bi-centric hinges on either side. These are adjustable too. This means your knee will be saved from bearing unnecessary weight and stress through your movements. 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN KNEE SUPPORT FOR MULTIPURPOSE USAGE: Its open patella ergonomic design makes it a truly multipurpose support brace with two secure pockets for hinges on either side. You can use it as a running knee support, knee support for skiing, arthritis knee support and knee support for different types of sports.
  • CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE WITH DFM TECHNOLOGY KNEE BRACE: It has been approved as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK, featuring Drymax Fibre Moisture (DFM) technology to retain heat with increased blood and oxygen flow to soft tissue injuries. Ideal for strains, sprains, weak and arthritic knees, Bursitis and Meniscus injury and inflammation.
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS MEDICAL CONDITIONS & 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: Offers significant help with various medical conditions like Minor to moderate Medial Collateral Damage (MCL), Lateral Collateral Ligament Damage (LCL) and Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL). On top, you get 100% quality guarantee for this knee compression sleeve.  


    Issues with your knee can be quite painful as well as troublesome, especially when you are through the later years of your life. That’s about time you look for viable support for your knees, one that can keep your knees warm and stress free. So, all you need now is Xn8 Knee Support Hinged Adjustable Brace. Premiere quality neoprene material supplements an ergonomic design really well, offering you a breathable, stretchable and flexible support. There are two hinges on either side of the brace, so that your knee gets even support, without having to bear your weight while moving around. The hinges are adjustable as well, rearranging their position depending upon the movement and load on your knee. That’s why you can use our knee support not only for running through your daily routine, but also for a whole range of mild and even aggressive sports activities, such as jogging, hiking, skiing, weight training and so forth.