At Xn8 Sports, we never shy away from facilitating our clients, whether it involves catering to their needs and requirements, or responding to their queries.

That’s why, in the below section, we have tried our best to provide answers to any questions that might arise in your mind while interacting with Xn8 Sports. We have also outlined the basics of how we function.

Account Information:

What’s the simplest way of creating my account on Xn8 Sports?

There are two ways to do so. You can either access the dropdown menu on the top right section of our website by clicking on the “Create Account” button there. Or, you can navigate to it by clicking here. You can simply fill in the required information fields and click on the “Create” button to submit the form.

Will I be allowed to edit my account information?    

For any changes you want in your account information (like your name & email id), you can contact us and we will do that from here right away.

What shall I do in case of forgetting my password?

You need to get access to your “Login” details page, for which you can either click here or navigate through the “Log in” section on the top right corner of the website. Clicking on the “Forgot your password?” button will lead you to the “Reset your password” form. Fill in your email details and hit the “Submit” button.

In return, you will receive the instructions about resetting your password on the email provided by you earlier. Follow the instructions and reset your password accordingly.

In case of any confusion, you can contact us conveniently at:

You will get a prompt response from us to resolve your issue.

Order Information:

How can I order an item on your website?

This starts with accessing your desired product, for which you can either:

  • Run a search for an item through its name by typing in the search bar adjacent to the logo on top of the webpage


  • Select your desired item using the dropdown menu right underneath the search bar


  • Access your desired item by exploring through the appropriate category, which you can find below the top banner

Once you finalize a product after going through its features, description and images, you choose your desired size and/or color, and click on the “Buy it now” button if you want to purchase only one item.

If you want to continue with ordering more items, you can proceed by clicking on “Add to Cart” button. This gives you access to your shopping cart, which appears on the right side of your screen.

Once you are done selecting item(s), click on the “Checkout” button and continue to the payment following the instructions, and get your order completed.

Will I be facilitated to place an order if I don’t want to create my account on the website? If yes, how?

Yes, you can do so by clicking either on “Buy it now” or “Add to Cart” button, and proceed as already described above.

Payment Information:

Do you provide multiple payment options?

Yes, we do. You are guided to our available set of payment options through our checkout process. You need to consider the fact that our system does not process and ship your order before receiving payment from you.

Different types of payment options available right now to facilitate you include:

Debit/Credit Card: You can rely on our secure server to complete your payment seamlessly using your Visa, Master & Maestro Card.

American Express Option: We also facilitate you in payment through your AMEX card.

PayPal: For making your payment using PayPal, our system directs you to a PayPal page for completion of the transaction.

All of your information involved in online payment through our dedicated server is handled securely, never getting any kind of exposure to any irrelevant person/authority.

Shipping Information:

How much time you need to ship my order?

There are various factors that can affect when your desired item(s) is shipped, such as the availability of the product and its size/shape. You will receive the shipment confirmation from us (inclusive of a tracking number) via email, also enabling you to track your order with the help of the given tracking number. Moreover, the shipping option you choose for your order and the postal speed around your vicinity can also affect the delivery time.

How do I get to know about my shipping charges?

You don’t need to worry about the hassles of calculating the shipping charges, as our system automatically does that for every single transaction before prompting for your payment information. We take into account various factors before presenting you with the final shipping charges, such as the weight of the item you choose and the shipping method you select out of the available options.

If you feel interested in getting further information on this subject, you may go through our Shipping and Delivery Policy.

Can you name the countries you ship to?

Europe, UK and the U.S.A are currently on the shipping list of Xn8 Sports, and we plan to expand our operations to various other regions around the globe soon.

Are there any other types of duties and taxes that I should know about? Who is liable to pay for them?

You might be exposed to various taxes and duties in case the shipment is destined for locations outside of the United Kingdom. The best way to stay abreast of information on any such duties and taxes is to consult your local customs office.

Xn8 Sports will not take any liability of:

  • Payment of any such taxes, duties or other similar additional charges
  • Partially or fully refunding to any customer unwilling to pay for these related costs

Returns/Refund Information

Does Xn8 Sports offer any guarantee on the purchases I make here?

Yes – you get 100% satisfaction guarantee from Xn8 Sports on all your purchases from us. This means you may return what you purchased from us if it fails to satisfy you for any reason. The Returns/Refund policy document holds further details on this subject.  

IMPORTANT: You will find a detailed account on all the subjects featuring hyperlinks in the above passage, which is highly likely to lend satisfactory answers to all your queries.

However, if there is still some topic you need further details on, feel free to contact us at:

You will get a prompt response from our representatives, who will guide you until you are satisfied.