Xn8 Sports Acupressure Mat Set X-L

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  • Traditional Acupuncture Therapy for Relieving Pain: Combining the benefits of conventional with contemporary, Xn8 Sports Acupressure Mat Coconut Set X-L is as unique and effective as it sounds. Offers therapeutic benefits for relieving pains & aches, comprising of full body massage cushion, acupressure massage pillow & a spike ball with easy to carry strap bag.    
  • High Quality Manufacturing with Ergonomic Design: Xn8 yoga acupressure mat and massage pillow set features strategically placed acupoints meant to trigger your body’s healing abilities, also unblocking stagnant energy pathways & improving blood circulation. To ensure posture support & neck cervical traction, you get a half-moon shaped pillow, also contributing in improved sleep.
  • Great Dimensions: 130cm length and 50cm width of the mat means your whole back (from top of the back to bottom of the hips area) gets massage. Ergonomic pillow is sized as: 23cm length x 30cm width x 10cm curves/edges to ensure that your neck also gets the massage. Thousands of strategically placed therapy points on acupressure mat as well as pillow gives gentle pressure without scraping or pricking.
  • Versatility & Portability with Light Weight: Not only is X8 acupressure mat lightweight and foldable, it is also easy to store & carry, thanks to a handy bag that comes for free with it. This acupressure mat set is your best bet against daily pains, tension & stress in a natural & drug free manner.
  • Money Back Guarantee: With a legacy of highest standards in product design, materials and manufacturing, we offer you 100% money back guarantee on this product as well as all others. So, you can get a convenient refund/return within 30 days of your purchase if any aspect of our product fails to satisfy you in any manner.


    Problems like stiffness & soreness in neck, pain and discomfort in back and shoulders definitely affect your health as well as daily life. People often fail to get such issues settled even after visiting doctors. However, we might have a surprisingly simple and better solution for you in Xn8 Sports Acupressure Mat Set. You get a specially designed acupressure yoga mat, a massage ball and a massage pillow. The mat and pillow hosts thousands of strategically placed acupoints, which serve to trigger improved body response in managing pain and discomfort. You can use this acupressure massager cushion to rejuvenate your whole body by getting neck and cervical massage, back massage, foot massage, thigh massage and buttocks massage. You also get a stylish carry bag totally for free, which you can use to store and carry the acurpressure mat set wherever you want.