Xn8 Sports Acupressure Mat Set X-L

SKU: Acupressure Mat - (SET) - (Black/Blue(XL))

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Key Features:

  • Healing Therapy: Acupressure is an ancient techniques and in practice from centuries - It helps relax muscles and stimulate nerves. Technology has brought this technique to your door step. With a simple workout for few minutes and you can enjoy that freedom of being fit and well.
  • Meditation: Tranquility and inner balance can easily be lost in everyday life and it is quite common. Acupressure technique contributes to relax and enhance the meditative effect. All you need is to lie on the Pillow for few minutes and you will feel the effects on your neck muscles.
  • Pain Relief: This product is designed to target your Neck or Foot Muscle. The pillow gives you comfortable, therapeutic support.
  • Energetic Feeling: In whatever shape or form your day has been this acupressure mat and pillow helps you recover regain your strength. Your muscles will will get aid from the fine technology and regain the strength and power. No more tired mornings.
  • Compact Wellness Kit: It is a compact companion. With a carry case you can store it easily. Going on holiday, you can take it. You can use it at work or outdoor.

Product Description:

  • Technology has converted many health techniques to your door steps. For example checking a blood pressure, all you need is a device at home.
  • Similarly considering the old Chinese techniques once must think of appointments and fees. However those old days has come and gone With technology and latest products you can have these at your home.
  • This acupressure pillow is one of those sacred products that bring joy and ease to your home or work.
  • Carefully designed product embossed in special fabric and foam. A master piece that is worth to consider once in your life.
  • So order it with peace of mind with your money back guarantee.
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