Xn8 Sports Curve Shaped Acupressure Pillow

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  • Searching the best way of eradicating that neck and back pain? Bet you won’t find
    anything better than the Xn8 Sports acupressure pillow. 
  • The 12x9 inches acupressure pillow has the smooth and durable cotton fabric
  • We have strategically incorporated the upward-facing therapy points to offer instant relaxation by getting into the muscles’ tiniest pressure points.
  • The acupressure pillow block also has generous 3.5 inches’ foam padding, so you
    don’t feel like resting your head or back on the stone.
  • Better than all, you also get a zipper facility at back to take out the foam padding.
    Not just to squeeze the foam, but to wash the fabric as well.