Xn8 Sports Ankle Strap Elastic

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Type: Ankle Strap
SKU: Elastic-Foot-Strap (single)


  • ADJUSTABLE CRISS-CROSS TIGHTENING: Criss-cross strapping is easy to freely wrap and adjust anywhere along the sleeve. The ankle band is not too bulky or not too thin, it is perfectly thick to easily wear with the shoes, and provides the required protection to the ankle at the same time.
  • OPEN-HEEL DESIGN & WAVY SILICONE STRAPS: The open-heel design allows movement in all directions, and ensures flexibility to maintain your peak performance in sports including football, baseball, volleyball, hiking, cycling, running, soccer, etc. The wavy silicone straps provide stable support and prevent slippage, even during intense workouts.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: This adjustable ankle brace fits almost all shoe sizes, and can be used on either left or right foot. Men, women, and children of all ages can wrap it to a customized fit. THIS LISTING IS FOR A SINGLE ITEM. ORDER 2 PCS FOR PAIR.