Xn8 Sports MMA Gloves Beat ‘em Series

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Type: MMA Gloves


  • BLACK LAMINA UPHOLSTERED MMA FIGHTING GLOVES: Featuring the most exclusive Lamina LEATHER upholstery, Xn8 Sports “Beat ‘em Series” Black MMA Gloves are amongst the most robust in the industry. They offer you the best whether it’s about ergonomic design, safety & security or comfort and convenience.
  • AMPLE PADDING OF SHOCK ABSORBENT EVA FOAM: To ensure the safety and security of your hands and wrists, our MMA grappling gloves come with ample padding of EVA foam. It helps disperse the impact force in the smoothest and the most even manner all across the gloves’ surface, not letting it converge on a single point for any damage.   
  • HIGHLY MANOEUVRABLE OPEN PALM DESIGN: Safety is not the only element required when it comes to the efficiency of a viable pair of MMA training gloves, manoeuvrability is equally important too. That’s why we resort to a highly ergonomic, manoeuvrable and agile design, so that you can outpace your opponents while grappling and pounding.                                                                                                                                                               
  • LONG HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE STRAP MMA HALF MITTS: No matter how great a pair of MMA gloves is, it turns useless if it doesn’t fit well around your wrists and hands. So, we rely on a long and strong closure strap in our MMA gloves, also equipped with hook & loop closure mechanism, snuggling as well as protecting your wrists at the same time. 
  • LIGHT WEIGHT WITH REINFORCED STITCHING: One of the best things about our boxing MMA gloves is their light weight. Despite the generous padding and high quality upholstery, this pair of gloves remains really light in weight. These also come with heavy duty stitching, making sure they remain in pristine condition despite long term use.


In today’s highly competitive sports, the role of sports gear has become important than ever. With everyone upping their skill set, it eventually falls down to who has access to better sports accessories. That’s why you need something as viable as Xn8 Sports “Beat ‘em Series” Black MMA Gloves. From design to interior as well as exterior, everything is of top most quality in our pair of MMA grappling gloves. It boasts of Xn8 Sports’ exclusive Lamina LEATHER upholstery in matte black finish, which not only adds to the aesthetics, but also to the resilience of these gloves. There is a generous padding of EVA foam on the inside, making sure your hands bear the least of the impact of the pounding blows. You can rely on our gloves for everything from training and sparring to competitive bouts with total confidence.