Xn8 Sports Kids Boxing Gloves

SKU: Kids Gloves (Purple) - 4oz


  • UNISEX BOXING TRAINING GLOVES: The XN8 Sports unisex boxing Training Gloves designed to provide comfort and safety for all fighters. Ultimate design hand-crafted to make these beautiful unisex gloves. It provides the reliability you need to take your training a notch higher.
  • TRIPLE LAYERED PADDING: The gloves are Multi-layer gel integrated Hand Molded Latex Padding foam which absorbs hardest of punches keeping the hands safe by distributing the force applied on it evenly across the padding.
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM PADDING: Fit Pact junior training gloves are prepared with High Density foam padding on outer wrist for added protection. It helps in dispensing the hard impacts on the wrist segment. The foam padding is exclusively created to offer maximum wrist protection without the bulk and irritation.
  • HIGHLY QUALITY MOTI HIDE LEATHER: Xn8 kids boxing gloves are strengthened with highly Quality Moti Hide Leather Material which provides harmonized feeling with quality stylish colour finishing. A special treatment is applied to the Moti Hide leather resulting in greater durability and making the leather ideal for combat sports
  • SECURE WRIST STRAP: These Gloves with Secure wrap closure mechanism with a long cuff strap designed to provide additional support. And also Longer Wrist Strap to provide better wrist protection with secure wrist closure with a stretchable strap
  • ATTACHED THUMB SUPPORT: The most common injuries from striking are noted to be of your thumb, when it is not aligned with the fist. The exclusively and masterly manufactured thumb design gives you the confidence to train hard knowing your thumb is nicely protected. Attached Thumb-lock protection designed to protect the thumb from injury
  • 100%MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We believe in our product so much that we provide 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. Open a return case and follow instruction


  • Attached thumb for protection and security
  • Secure wrist closure with a stretchable strap
  • Ideal for martial arts, Muay thai, boxing and fitness
  • High-density and Triple-density gel impact protection foam
  • Perfect for professional Gym contesting and home training use
  • Integrated padding providing protection to both sides of your wrist
  • Korean water proof lining soft user-oriented fabric for comfort-ability of the fighter.
  • V-impact mould padded boxing gloves for maximum protection while sparring and bag training
  • Xn8 Triple Core Curve (TCC) technology is used for contoured padding and triple layer Gel foam/Latex mould
  • Xn8 Drymax Fiber Moisture (DFM) and AirTex technology is used for inner lining to reduce hand sweat

WEIGHT: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz

COLOURS: Available in Purple and Red

EVA FOAM: Better protection for your hand.

EFFECTIVE PROTECT THE WRIST: Flexibly, wear comfortably

SAFETY PROTECTS THE ARM: Protective lengthening training safety.

 REBOND FOAM: multi layer foam designed to withstands vibration and rebound reduce and enhance both the acceleration and force of the punch.

 MESH PALM: Mesh panel on palm offers increased hygiene efficient breath ability reduces odors, bacteria and moisture on hand.

FEELS AND WORKS GREAT REGARDLESS YOU’RE WEIGHT: if you're ready to train, Xn8 Sports Our kid's boxing gloves are protected with moisture inner lining technology that keeps young hands dry. Train as long as you want regardless of your weight.

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