Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves G400

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THUMB LOCK FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The most common injuries from striking are noted to be of your thumb when it is not aligned with the fist. Our boxing gloves for training & Muay Thai feature a thumb lock that keeps your thumb safe during the training and helps you align the wrist with arm for impactful punching.

GREAT FOR BOTH TRAINING AND SPARRING: Are you looking for a pair of boxing/Muay Thai gloves that work great for both training and sparring? The Xn8 Sports boxing gloves make an ideal pick. Designed with EVA foam and rebound foam padding, these unisex boxing gloves protect your knuckles and keep your opponent safe during training.

LAMINA HIDE LEATHER: Our boxing gloves for punch bags are strengthened with high-quality Lamina Hide Leather which enhances its durability. The premium material used for crafting these gloves is soft, comfortable and durable, making these punch bag gloves suitable for various uses such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc.

EVA FOAM PADDING & REINFORCEABLE WRIST STRAP: The gloves are padded with EVA foam which absorbs the hardest of punches while keeping the hands safe by distributing the force applied on it evenly across the padding. Also, with longer wrist strap, our punch bag boxing gloves provide better wrist protection.

QUALITY ASSURED: We at the XN8 sports strive to provide you the finest products at a reasonable price. If you are not happy with our punch bag boxing gloves, feel free to discuss the issue with our friendly yet professional customer support anytime. 


Xn8 boxing gloves are manufactured using Lamina Hide Leather for resisting the hard hits. Having premium quality EVA foam padding, these leather boxing gloves protect your hands and absorb the shock of hits from the opponent. The nylon mesh panels at the palm draw off the moisture away and allow easy ventilation for keeping your hands dry for extended training and fighting sessions. With better fitting and grip, our Muay Thai fighting gloves better suit your punching, fighting and sparring sessions. With easy to apply & remove the hook & loop system, they tightly fit your hands and make you push your body limits for reaching your fitness goals. Ultimately, our leather boxing gloves take your boxing skills to the next level and make you practice efficiently for the upcoming professional contests.