Xn8 Sports Calf Support M3632

Type: Calf Support
SKU: M3640-(Calf)-(S)-(Box-44:45)



  • Breathable neoprene and nylon: Xn8 calf support is crafted using breathable neoprene material which makes it durable and washable. The fabric also has elastic nylon linings for making it comfortable and for letting it fit conveniently to the calf region of your leg.
  • Makes your calf muscles pain free: Makes you effectively get rid of the uncomfortable pain in your calf muscles due to long exposure to the rigorous workout session. Elasticated fabric wont trouble your leg movement in any sort of physical activity. Serving you necessary warmth for eradicating muscle pain and for recovery from an injury.

  • Moisture resistant fabric: The fabric of the calf support is moisture wicking, thus doesn't let the buildup of heavy sweat on the skin and avoiding the unpleasant aroma spreading in your room. Due to its smoothness and comfortability, one can conveniently wear it for a long time to any activity involving your leg movement.

  • Useful for all: It comes in a pair of two and are mostly used by runners, cyclists, footballers and more for reducing muscle fatigue and for diminishing muscle pain. Provides outstanding compression and improves your blood circulation which is essential for quick recovery of muscle injury.

  • Quality assurance and Xn8’s quick refund policy: Xn8 Sports strive to serve you with top quality products at a reasonable price. For any reason, if you are not happy with our calf support, feel free to return it within 30 days to get a replacement or refund.


    Buy the xn8 calf support and free yourself from painful muscles fatigue at the calf region after you are done with your workout session. Manufactured using breathable neoprene material for making it durable with having nylon outer lining for added comfort and elasticity, so one can wear it conveniently. Effectively makes you get rid of muscle pain and support the recovery of injured muscles for letting you run like a pro again. Widely used by people of all ages and mainly worn by cyclists, runners, and more for guarding their all-important calf muscle from an injury. It provides compression and warmth to your muscles and help you overcome muscle injuries quicker. Ultimately, this is one pair of calf support for everyone looking to have a secure workout and pain free sleep afterwards.