Xn8 Sports Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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  • Total Body Fitness: Xn8 adjustable hand weight set helps you in improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance. It lets you target specific muscle groups of the body including chest, legs, back, biceps, triceps, and increases muscle mass.
  • Spin Lock: Spin lock collar is used to hold weight plates in place and you can easily unscrew it to add more weight plates or remove weight plates depending on the requirement of your workout. You can screw it back in place after adjusting the weight plates. Spin lock collar also prevents the rattling of the weight plates.
  • Anti-slip Grip: Xn8 dumbbells weight set feature chrome knurling, which is used to provide a strong and firm grip on weights. It also helps prevents slipping and provides a comfortable hold without putting too much strain on palms.
  • Cast Iron Construction: These adjustable cast iron spin lock dumbbells are built to last long, thanks to their heavy-duty and long-lasting built. The cast iron construction combined with semi-gloss finish creates a heavy-duty design that lasts years of workout sessions. Being waterproof and rustproof becomes icing on the cake and adds to their longevity and practicality.
  • Quality Guarantee: Premiere quality products and services geared towards customer satisfaction define Xn8 sports. So, if you find this or any other product not meeting your expectations in any way, you can conveniently get a refund or exchange within 30 days.



      Adjustable dumbbells are a must-have for any commercial gym as well as home gym station, as they let you customize your workout and train through varied weights. You can add or remove weight plates from these dumbbell sets using the spin lock collar whenever required. Xn8 adjustable dumbbells set is made of heavy-duty cast iron and helps you improve body strength, tone muscle and burn calories. The cast iron material and semi-gloss finish prevents chipping, crackling and peeling.

These cast iron adjustable dumbbells feature chrome knurling that helps you keep a firm and secure grip on the weights. Making these adjustable dumbbells a part of your workout regime helps you build muscle strength and endurance. You can use this adjustable dumbbells set as a part of your daily workout routine and get a healthy body even without leaving the house. These adjustable hand weight set is waterproof, rustproof and durable, which lets you use them for a number of years without any problem. These adjustable dumbbells consist of 15kg and 20kg of weight plates, spin lock and grip handle.