Xn8 Sports Knee Brace Border 400

Type: Knee Support
SKU: Knee-400- Red - (NEW) - S/M


  • BREATHABILITY & FLEXIBILITY OF PREMIERE NEOPRENE KNEE SUPPORTS: Highly prone to damage and injury, you better take special care of your knees with something as special as Xn8 Sports Knee Brace 400. It boasts of top neoprene material for matchless flexibility, breathability & durability.
  • PAIRED BI-CENTRIC HINGES FOR EXCEPTIONAL KNEE SUPPORT: A pair of bi-centric hinges makes them surpass others in supporting your knees. Ample support from both sides makes sure that they remain stress free, while the load is taken on by the hinges. So, you can move around without further injuring or damaging your knee.
  • MULTIPURPOSE KNEE SUPPORT WITH ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our open patella knee support turns out to be highly multipurpose with its ergonomic design. You can use it as a running knee support, knee support for skiing, arthritis knee supports and knee supports for sports of all different kinds.
  • DFM TECHNOLOGY KNEE SUPPORT FOR USE AS CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE: Approved as a Class 1 Medical device in the UK, also boasting of special Drymax Fibre Moisture (DFM) technology. This helps in optimal blood and oxygen flow to injury prone knee areas. Ideal for strains, sprains, weak and arthritic knees, Bursitis and Meniscus injury & inflammation.
  • KNEE BRACE FOR VARIOUS MEDICAL CONDITIONS: From design to materials and manufacturing, everything about knee brace sleeve is of premiere quality. That’s why you can use it confidently for various medical conditions like Minor to moderate Medial Collateral Damage (MCL), Lateral Collateral Ligament Damage (LCL) and Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL).


    Any negligence in taking care of your knees can leave you with lots of pain, discomfort and immobility. So, make sure you offer them the best care; for example, Xn8 Hinged Knee Arthritis Support Brace Guard Stabiliser Strap. We have used the best quality neoprene material in manufacturing this knee brace for arthritis, which makes it highly flexible, breathable and durable. On top, there are 2 bi-centric hinges on this knee support, which means you get even support from both sides to relieve your knee of any tension and excessive load. You can use our hinged knee braces with total convenience and confidence in performing all your daily activities, including a wide range of sporting activities.