Xn8 Sports Knee Support K555

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Type: Knee Support
SKU: Knee555-Knee-Support-S (Pair)


  • DUAL-LAYERED ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: The double-layered anti-slip silicone along the edge of the compression sleeve is easy to slide in place, and provides a comfortable grip whether you are running, walking, weightlifting, or performing day to day activities. It is easy to wear, and does not roll or slide up and down, even after long hours of use.
  • 3D CIRCULAR TECHNOLOGY: The 4-way stretch with 3d circular technology is designed to allow full range of motion, and provides a soft and smooth feel all day long. It offers great protection and optimal muscle support to weightlifters and professional athletes.
  • PERFORM SPORT ACTIVITIES: This knee support is perfect for activities that require a large amount of pressure on the joints including tennis, badminton, running, hiking, squash, volleyball, netball, football, and soccer. You will be able to maintain your peak performance, and enjoy your favourite sports as before.



      Knee compression sleeve makes knee pain easy to tackle, and provides full protection to the knee joint as well. Compression knee brace applies stable pressure across knee joints, and offers optimal muscle support during exercise and day to day activities. It helps you maintain your performance in sports. The dual-layered anti-slip silicone around the edge ensures a secure grip, and prevents from sliding up or down during movement of the knee. This gym sports knee sleeve is easy to wear, absorbs sweat, and allows continuous hours of use.

It’s a must-have for people who love to play sports including basketball, volleyball, netball, tennis, football, badminton, cycling, running, and perform intense workouts of weightlifting and power lifting.