Xn8 Sports Weighted Vest Ladies

SKU: Vest (Female) - BLACK - (3.5Kg)


  • [ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED PREMIERE QUALITY WEIGHT VEST]: With an ergonomic design, stylish outlook and convenient usage, Xn8 Weight Vest is definitely worth the hype. In fact, there are a host of beneficial features that turn them into best weighted vests for men, women and kids alike. The more you use them, the better will be the results.

  • [BREATHABLE, SOFT & COMFY NEOPRENE WEIGHTED JACKET]: Even the most robust design alone can never be the only success factor for a product. That’s why we rely on quality neoprene upholstery to supplement a great design, which makes them highly breathable, soft and comfortable weight vests for men, which can be worn directly over the skin.

  • [WEIGHTED VESTS WITH EVENLY DISTRIBUTED IRON SAND FILLING]: Compact iron sand filling surely makes them such robust and sleek weight vests. Durable neoprene material pockets the iron sand filling safely and securely, distributing the weight evenly all through the design. So, you can use this weight jacket vest as smoothly as possible.
  • [TOP CROSSFIT WEIGHT VEST FEATURING DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE BUCKLES]: When a sleek and stylish design, quality upholstery and one-size-fits-all kind of easy adjustability combine together, you get the best Crossfit vest. Men or women, small or large, all you need to get the right fit is to set the two adjustable and cushioned straps in front to your desired fit.