Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves T500

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SKU: Leather-GlovesT500-12oz
    • 100% PURE COWHIDE LEATHER BOXING GLOVES FOR MEN: Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves 140z bring you the pure joy and comfort of 100% natural cowhide leather, so that you get a totally non-toxic, skin friendly & odourless boxing experience. Durability comes as an added benefit.
    • NATURAL PALM CONTOURS WITH ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED BOXING MITTS: Our ergonomically designed boxing gloves take into consideration the natural contours of your palms. A reinforced padding further supplements them to take the brunt of hard hits, keeping your hands safe.
    • SPARRING GLOVES WITH IMPACT PROTECTION FOAM & TRIPLE DENSITY GEL: Three layers fortify your hands in this pair of boxing gloves 12oz mens, comprising of EVA foam & REBOND foam padding. A third layer of shock absorptive gel is further encapsulated between these two padding layers.  

    • LONG HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE STRAP KICKBOXING GLOVES: Wrist protection is as important as the protection of your hand when it comes to boxing. That’s why you get a long closure strap in these boxing gloves, equipped with a strong hook & loop closure mechanism, offering enhanced protection to your wrists through intense bouts of sparring & training.  
    • 100% GUARANTEED THUMB LOCK TRAINING BOXING GLOVES: There is a special thumb lock design in our Muay Thai gloves, offering protection against accidental pokes & gouges. 100% money back guarantee means you don’t have to worry if you don’t like the product or dissatisfied with it in any way.


      The significance of a great pair of boxing gloves can never be overstated if you’re interested in sports like boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai & kickboxing. That’s why you need to have something as good as Xn8 Sports Boxing Gloves. These beat others by far due to 100% pure and natural cowhide leather, which makes them totally eco-friendly, non-toxic and skin friendly. You can get them as 10oz boxing gloves, also available in 12oz, 14oz and 16oz boxing gloves men would love to wear everywhere. These are designed ergonomically with ample cushioning comprising of three layers of protection, i.e. REBOND foam and EVA foam padding around a layer of shock absorptive gel. Due to pure leather manufacturing, you get unmatched durability as well. A long, strong strap equipped with hook and loop closure mechanism lends your wrist a snug fit as well as much needed protection with them.