Xn8 Sports Leg Magic

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Xn8 Sports leg magic Firms and tones your lower body

Ideal for home use, allows user to work out in a stable environment

Built to last, easy storage, compact and foldable

The intensity of the work out is taken to a high level

Specially curved track, curved to both sides, made from a sturdy steel construction

Large stable textured foot platforms

Handle bars with padded handles

User time can be as little as 20 seconds

Color: Leg Magic Machine (Silver)


The Leg Master is designed to work the inner thigh, outer thighs and buttocks.

It allows users to work muscles that may not normal be engaged in cycling,running and rowing.

It also targets abductor  muscles which are normally hard to isolate.

Made from Steel tube,Foam Handle,Steel Tube Welding Oxide coating material is used to protect from rust

All you have to do is just glide, and you should feel it begin to work in seconds!The simple gliding motion puts you in the right position to target those hard to reach muscles.

Portable quality leg stretcher Stretching capabilities with 5 Hole adjustments

Perfect tool to improve the power and height Includes easy to follow assembly instructions

Slimmer figure, toned body and great looking legs.

Tighten and firm those hard to reach inner thigh muscles.