Xn8 Sports Massage Stick Roller M7

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  • Pain and stress relief: Our massage roller for pain relief is effective in improving blood circulation in your body, as it offers you a deep tissue massage with its adjustable 12 rollers. It removes knots and diminishes your muscle fatigue. Ultimately, it gives you a pain-free sleep through releasing your stress.
  • Trigger Point therapy: Xn8 sports stick massager is designed to hit smallest pressure points of your body to roll-out muscle knots. Therefore, it is suitable for you to either use it before workout or after your exercise to avoid cramps and to diminish fatigue.
  • High-quality ABS material: This massage stick has 12 adjustable rollers. Thus, you can disassemble the stick and rearrange these rollers to effectively massage a body part. Xn8 muscle roller stick is durable, because it is skilfully constructed using high-quality ABS material.
  • Convenient Full Body Massage: With its anti-slip handles, our ultimate massage roller stick gives you an outstanding grip during your massage without stressing your hands. It is suitable for all ages and can be used on calves, legs, hamstrings, thighs, arms, shoulders, limbs, neck, and Achilles.
  • Easy to use and carry: With its convenient length of 43.5 centimetres and a weight of 0.45 kg, you can carry this portable massage roller stick to any place you need. Roll it over your arms, legs, foot, neck, and back, relieving yourself from needless pains and aches.


    Xn8 Sports massage roller stick regulates and relieves your muscle anxiety with its 12 adjustable rollers. Premium ABS material is used throughout in construction of this deep tissue muscle massager, which makes it durable and impact resistant. With its convenient size and a weight of just 0.45kg, you can easily carry it in your gym bag or suitcase.

    Xn8 Sports deep tissue massage roller stick is beneficial in relieving stiffness, stress, and muscle fatigue, because it targets the smallest pressure points of your body. Our yoga massage stick also increases muscle resilience and paces up healing after an injury. Also, it is useful in relieving sore and stiff muscle tissues and thus, it is suitable for you to either use it before or after your workouts.