Xn8 Sports Posture Corrector Shoulder Support

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LIGHT-WEIGHT AND BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Featuring a soft, breathable and skin-friendly material, the Xn8 sports posture trainer helps you correct the bad posture and sinking shoulders. It trains your muscles and spine to stay straight and uphold an upright posture.

STABILIZE YOUR SPINE: Bad posture tightens the muscles and can create a risk of nerve damage. Our strong posture brace promotes a healthier upper body and improves spinal health. Slouching and hunching over leads to neck and back pain, and using the spinal support trainer helps you get rid of it.

CUTTING-EDGE FRONT LOADING: This posture corrector features an innovative front-loading design, which makes you feel easy and maintain a proper posture. Its upper back support alleviates all types of neck, back, and shoulder pains, and improves breathing.

DISCREET & EASY TO WEAR: The posture straightener is discreet under the clothes, and you can simply loosen the straps and put it on and take it off in no time. Wear this adjustable back straightener corrector for 20 to 30 minutes daily and gradually increase it to one hour daily. A few days of use develops your muscle memory and make you stand in straight posture even when you are not wearing it.

REGAIN YOUR CORRECT POSTURE & IMPROVE CONFIDENCE: Sitting and working for hours over a desk takes a toll on your posture and spine health in the long run, and destabilizes your natural body alignment. Use the posture brace and retrain your body to assume a correct posture. Straight posture makes you look slim and attractive, and boosts your confidence.


 Habit of sitting in a slouched position, and hunching over a desk, computer, leads to a flawed body posture, and contributes to back and neck pain. Use the adjustable posture corrector to train your shoulders and muscles to stay in a straight position and stabilizes your spine. Its material is soft, breathable and washable, and you can wear it under your shirt without anyone noticing it. It is convenient to take on and off, and easily adjustable using hook and loop fasteners. Available in 3 sizes, it fits all men and women, regardless of their chest sizes. It helps you develop muscle memory after a few uses, which means that you will keep your back straight, even when you are not wearing it. It is easily adjustable to perfect fit, and you can wear it to the gym, during exercise, or even while performing day to day activities. Apart from correcting your body alignment and posture, it also makes you look taller and slimmer, and ultimately increases your confidence.