Xn8 Sports Power Bag

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Type: Power Bag
SKU: Power Bag (Red) 10kg

Key Features:

  • Multi functional: The versatile and compact design offers an exciting alternative to using dumbbells, barbells, or a medicine ball. The sports sand bang can be used for a whole array of exercises including but not limited to isometrics, dead lifts, squats, lunges and throws.
  • Get Results Fast: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility. Achieve improved grip strength as your body is forced to use different grip strategies depending on the lift. Improve your torso strength and movement as you create amazing rotational drills to create a range of motion that conventional gym workouts cannot provide.
  • Unparalleled Quality: Made of superior quality leather and internal EVA underlay and designed to face the toughest of workouts. The strong handles and heavy duty stitching provide a solid grip and greater control over your fitness regime.
  • Versatile: Perfect for use at professional gyms or personal workouts at home and additionally recommended for outdoor and indoor use. The zipper enclosure allows for instant weight adjustment.
  • Our Guarantee: We take great pride in providing you with unparalleled quality, advice and after service. For whatever reason you find the product is not for you, simply return it no obligation. Remember we specialize and focus on the sports and fitness industry with our products used by gyms all over the world.

Product Description:

  • Add an entirely new dimension to your workout with the XN8 Sports sandbag. Even taking common exercises such as squats and presses.
  • using a sandbag makes you feel like you're doing them for the first time. 
  • Sandbag training offers a way of ensuring your gym workouts do not become repetitive and boring.
  • Improve your grip and strength and lose weight by following the multitude of exercises you can do using the XN8 Sports sandbag.
  • Designed to withstand the strongest of tests, the sandbag can be used as an alternative to the medicine ball and other weight lifting devices.
  • The uniquely packaged sand packets inside the sandbag can be instantly removed to bring the weight down to your level of comfort.
  • The new XN8 compact design sandbag has been manufactured following input from leading fitness personalities and a professional boxer. Rest assured that you are purchasing an item extensively used across the world.
Size:Length (56 cm) Circumference (68.50 cm) -- Size may vary slightly for the heavier bags

Weight: 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg

Colour: Black and Red ,Black and Blue ,Black and Turquoise,Black and Purple ,Black and Yellow