Xn8 Sports Punch Bag Stand

SKU: 3 Way - Frame ONLY

Key Features:

(Due to the size and weight of this item we can't deliver this to Channel islands, Ireland and Scottish Island)

  •  Frame: Made from high quality steel and protection coated for absolute robustness and durable.
  • Punch Bag: Manufactured from the finest Rex leather to take the impact of devastating blows day in day out
  •  Speedball: Pear shaped speedball with a pump designed to last and help improve the technical parts of your fighting
  • This boxing stand can help improve punching, speed, and coordination, allowing users to practice and develop punching and kicking techniques
  •  The strong 3 way frame can hold heavy bags without bending or damaging the frame: Height - 6ft 10inch Punchbag area width - 3ft 10inch Speedball area width - 4ft 5inch

 Product Description:

  • An alternative to a ceiling hanging punch bag
  • Ideally designed to care for mobility and strength
  • Specifically designed to be used simultaneously for 3 stations
  • Weight pegs located on each leg help to keep the unit in place
  • Helpful in Improving Punching Power, coordination and performance
  • Harmonized feel while using 3way frame with adjustable speedball platform
  • This heavy duty frame is easily maneuverable with a strong base that stabilizes it
  • A solid amount of power and resistance, Ideal in improving upper body strength 9 Durable and stylish hanging punch bag, Harmonized feel and robust shock absorption 
  • Helpful in improving upper body strength, hand speed, and Cardio Vascular Exercise
  • Durable and stylish 3-way frame used at one time for punch bag, speedball and double end ball
  • This stand facilitates 20-40cm speedball and 60-150cm punch bag without damaging the frame
  • This piece of boxing gear can be used safely within the suspended weight range of 35-40kg 14 Dimensions: Height - 213.5cm (7ft) Width - 167.6cm (5.5ft) Length - 211.5cm (6ft) Floor space: 6ft x 5.5ft
  • Weight: 28Kg
  • Available Colour: Black
TO BE FILLED BY THE BUYER: Extra strength chain connectors, Good quality zip Punch Bag Filling (What to use to fill the Bag): Old unused clothing is all you need. Just fill the bag up with the fabric and it is ready to go. Package Contents: Either 3 Way Frame Only which comes with Frame, 2 speedballs and wooden platform but no punching bag and no chain B. Complete Frame and Empty Punch Bag with chain