Xn8 Sports Push Up Bar Steel

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LONG-LASTING WORKOUT GADGET: With premium quality chrome steel construction, Xn8 sports push up bars steel are strong and sturdy. Keep their shape for an extended period, irrespective of whether you use them regularly or not. Let you sculpt the upper body at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

TARGETING MUSCLES GROUPS SEPARATELY: These S-shaped push-up bars let you target all muscle groups of your upper body separately through a variety of push-up techniques. Make you correctly Inline wrist with the forearm and allow you to have a safer and productive workout period. Widely used for firming triceps, deltoids, serratus anterior, and so on.

EASY TO CARRY AND STORE: One can carry our push-up stands anywhere needed, thanks to the lightweight and compact shape. Non-slip rubber ends of the bars make you exercise more productively by keeping you stable on any floor, whether smooth or rough.

PERFECT FOR BOTH PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE: Whether you are looking to sculpt your triceps, biceps, or upper body at home or the gym, our push up handle bars serve as an excellent choice due to their lightweight and compact shape. 

QUALITY ASSURANCE AND REFUND FACILITY: Xn8 sports serve you with premium quality fitness tools at affordable prices. These s-shaped push-up bars are one of our top-quality products that would meet your requirements. For any reason, if you are not satisfied, feel free to discuss the issue with our professional customer support.


Would you like to tone your upper body without the gym? Cheers! You are in the right place to get your hands on a pair of press-up handles that would let you achieve this objective quickly. The Xn8 sports push up bars steel are crafted with high-quality chrome steel; thus, they are resilient and robust. Foam padded handles of this pair serve a sturdy and comfy grip, making your push-ups more productive. Make you target each muscle group of the upper body; thus, excellent exercise equipment for men and women of all ages. With non-slip rubber ends, they are stable on the floor during workouts and could be used for strengthening deltoids, triceps, and more. Lightweight and compact shape make them easy.