Xn8 Sports Resistance Band Loop

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SKU: R-Band-Loop-Full Set(1 of each)


  • Top Quality Latex Material – Skin Friendly, Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic and Odourless: Xn8 Sports Resistance Band Exercise Loops Set offers you a safe, healthy and highly effective way of taking care of yourself as well as your environment. Top quality latex material used in production of these fitness accessories is totally odourless and non-toxic.
  • Best Combo of Elasticity and Durability: 100% natural rubber gives these exercise loop bands a great combo of flexibility and durability in addition to a colourful and smooth outlook. This means you are getting ample flexibility to carry on with your desired exercises without any apprehensions of them cracking and snapping down in between.
  • Varied Resistance Level: You are not only getting a set of 5 differently coloured elastic bands here, but each one of them offers you a varied resistance level as well. So, now every single one of you can move towards achieving your health and fitness goals whether you are a guy or a girl, novice or a pro.
  • Your Personal Portable Gym: You get a handy carry bag with these resistance workout bands, so that you can simply slip them into the bag and carry around with you wherever you want. A personal portable gym at your disposal all year long.