Xn8 Sports Resistance Bands Dual Layer

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SKU: R-Band (Double Colour) - RED


  • Stretching and strengthening workouts: Body stretching for relaxation and muscle building is now made easy by the Xn8 Resistance bands. Let you work on the muscles of arms, hips, and chest effectively from the comfort of your home.
  • Useful alone and with other gym equipment: Our resistant bands for fitness are a standalone stretching and strengthening tools. However, you can use them with other gym equipment for practicing a variation in any exercise.
  • Easy to carry:Don't worry about leaving your gym training for a week or maybe more. Having these resistant bands, one can easily practice like a gym anywhere. The package has 6 resistant bands having varying workloads.

  • Premium Quality: Our fitness bands are elastic and durable, instrumental when used for strengthening and stretching workouts. Speed up the recovery from an injury and improve blood circulation. For more information on the size, look at chart size imaged attached.

  • Useful for all: Widely used by people of all ages for losing body fats and for improving their body fitness. Excellent workout accessory for your home gym. We accept return within 30 days of the purchase.


    Get fit and appear sharp with bringing the Xn8 sports Resistant bands. They are a handful of fitness accessories that let you build your body and increase the muscle strength from the comfort of your home. Can be either used separately or together with other gym equipment for making distinct variations of conventional exercises. Widely used by people of all ages for muscle strengthening and body stretching for relaxation. Very useful in strengthening your chest, arms, and hips muscles. Available in various weight loads ranging from 30 lbs. to 230 lbs. Beginner can initiate with lower resistance and, with time, move to the higher. Hence, a perfect workout accessory for all the fitness enthusiasts to practice anywhere they have time.