Xn8 Sports Slimming Belt

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  • FAST SLIMMING:This Fat Burner belt retains heat in your core area, increases sweat volume and promote blood circulation during workout, which help you burn stomach fat faster and excrete toxins. Perfect for waist training, gym fitness, sauna, running, cycle, postpartum repair, weight loss or even do yoga etc.
  • SAUNA EFFECT AND CELLULITE FAT BURN FITNESS WORKOUT:The Waist Trimmer made of Premium latex-free Neoprene, 3D stereo cutting, ergonomic design, and perfect fit to your waist, 360° thermal cycle to help burn calories and remove toxins from the body as well as lumbar support. It can increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process, makes you sweat during fitness workout and stimulates faster abdomen fat burning.
  • THE BEST FITNESS EQUIPMENT AND BACK SUPPORT:Comes with Comfortable Stretchy Fabrics and Special anti-slip flex design to repel moisture and stress ensuring the prevention of bacteria buildup. The ergonomics design offer abdominal compression and lumbar support. If you find yourself having regular back pains, poor posture or just a really bad pain at the end of the work day, the belt can improve these pains and improve your Body Posture.
  • UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE SIZE:Our waist trimmer is advanced secure plush match fully adjustable secure closure. It can fit the smallest waist and adjustable size up to 40 inches / 103 cm. It always beneath clothing or wear against the skin, you don't have to worry about it slipping during your exercises! Comfortable, lightweight and stretchy fabric let you moves with your body while performing any activity.
  • WIDELY USAGE:Our Waist Belt Can Promote Weight Loss, Accelerate Fat Burning, Improve Body Posture, Relieves Back Pain, Effectively Support Your Back, Stop Your Back from Injuries, Optimize Your Metabolism, Shed That Extra Belly Fat, Breathable & Comfortable Etc. It is the best fitness equipment. Our Waist Belt Adapts to almost all workouts, activities, such as running, Yoga, Pilates or other cardio and gym activates


Comfortable to wear under workout apparel.
Comfortable to waist sizes up to 40 inches.
Ideal for flattening stomach muscles and helpful in burning extra calories.
20cm wide Top Quality soft neoprene sauna slimming belt body.
This lightweight Belt is designed to provide you back support and comfort.
Made from high grade hand washable neoprene material for maximum comfort.
You can use it all the time under the clothes without being noticed in day to day life.
Exercise after just a short time you feel the increased heat on your stomach and start to sweat.
This top quality waist support reduces the pressure on the spine and reduces strain generally.
Excellent hand washable slimming waist support helps to tone up waist line and abs.
Latex free neoprene slimming belt/sauna/back-support shorts weight loss cellulite fat burn fitness workout
WHEN YOU NEED IT: Sports fitness, Running, Cycling SAUNA EFFECT: Support lower back, improves posture, Keep muscles warm and create a portable sauna. ALLERGY ADVICE: Neoprene has a unique smell, If you are allergic to it please wash the belt before using it for the first time MULTIPLE UP GRADES: Sweet- absorbing, Sports protection, Light and comfortable, Keep temperature, Compression support, Feel free to adjust THIS PRODUCT COMES AS PACK OF 2