Xn8 Sports Tri Folding Gymnastic Mats 6cm - Black

SKU: Tri Folding - Black


Multiple uses: Xn8 Sports yoga trifolding mat is appropriate for yoga and other workouts both at your home and gym. You can also use it for other activities such as camping and even dancing. Many of the athletes and professionals prefer this tri-fold yoga mat to practice from the comfort of their homes.

Compact shape: Thanks to the tri-fold design of this exercise mat, which turns it into a compact shape and makes it easy to store. Also, the two nylon handles are useful in carrying it anywhere you want conveniently. With its non-slip surface, it does not slide on the floor, thus making your yoga session productive.

MOTI hide leather and Polyethylene (PE) foam: With MOTI hide leather upholstery, this fitness floor mat keeps its shape for a long period. Its 6cm polyethylene foam cushioning is effective in providing you the right kind of comfort required for your exercise. Also, PE foam prevents bacterial growth on the mat.

Comfortable and light-weighted: PE foam cushioning prevents your knees and elbows from scraping on the floor. Our thick folding exercise mat weighs approximately 3.2 kg and has a size of 6ftx2ft, which fits easily in any corner of your room.  Ultimately, it absorbs shock and resists hard falls during the workout.

We assure quality: We strive to provide high-quality products to our customers. If you have received a damaged item, please return it within 30 days to get a replacement or refund.


Our padded tri-folding exercise mat is an important workout accessory for your home and gym. It is crafted using MOTI hide leather and filled with PE foam to provide you with sufficient shock absorption and ensures protection of your joints during workouts and floor stretches. When fully extended, it is measured as 6ft, which would facilitate yogis of any size and once folded, it changes into 2ft. Due to its premium stitching, this durable sports and fitness mat will hold up to the wear and tear of regular practice. For ease of storage and transportation, our yoga mat folding design turns your long mat into a compact package that easily fits your cupboard and car’s trunk. The two nylon handles offer an efficient way for you to carry your travel yoga mat from your car to the gym.