Xn8 Sports Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Type: Dumbbells
SKU: *Vinyl-Dumbel-(Black)-1x2=2kg


  • Vinyl Coating Elevates the Fun: These Xn8 Sports Dumbbells Black come with a vinyl coating, which combined with a solid iron base, makes them perfect for light-weight beginner exercises as well as the advanced ones. These dumbbells are a modern alternative to heavy gym equipment, and can be used in home gym as well.
  • Practical & Convenient Hexagonal Design: Unlike round-shaped dumbbells that roll away when you put them down, Xn8 Sports Vinyl dumbbell set Black has a hexagon-shaped design with solid iron-base. This design variation also prevents slipping and makes it easy to stack them over each other.
  • Easy to Wash & Clean: Vinyl coating not only adds to the attractiveness and appeal of these dumbbells, but also makes them easy to clean and wipe. This will help you better take care of your hygiene. SOLD AS A PAIR OF SAME WEIGHTS & AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT WEIGHTS.
  • Diversified Usage: This pair of Xn8 sports Black vinyl dumbbells allows you to train all body parts and muscle groups. It becomes the best choice to train for fat burning, heavy endurance exercises or different cardio variations. Also perfect for light-weight exercises including yoga and aerobics training.
  • Quality Guarantee: Xn8 sports never take quality and customer satisfaction for granted. We take pride in providing high-quality products, and in an unlikely event, if any of our products do not meet your expectations, you can get a no-obligation refund or return within 30 days.


    Carefully designed while keeping quality and attractiveness in mind, Xn8 Sports Vinyl Dumbbells Set Black is sure to catch your eye. The unique hexagon shaped design for stacking in place and vinyl coating for extra soft grip makes these dumbbells stand out. Hygiene is at the top on our priority list, so they are designed to be easily cleaned and wiped. Floor- friendliness, durability, and slip-resistance are made possible in this dumbbell set by use of the vinyl coating.

    These dumbbells are well-suited for a variety of exercises, muscle building, and fat loss training. All body muscles including biceps, triceps, abs, thighs, and legs can be trained using these dumbbells whether you are doing heavy endurance exercises such as bodybuilding and Cross-fit or light exercises such as yoga and aerobics.


    Guarantee: Xn8 Sports offer 100% quality guarantee on all products. So, if you’re unsatisfied by this or any other of our products, you can get a convenient refund/return within 30 days of your purchase.