Xn8 Sports Weight lifting Gloves Lycra

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  • Xn8 weightlifting gloves feature the premium Lycra fabric, which along with serving the durability makes them appear stylish. The appropriate elasticity in the fabric allows a comfortable adjustment of gloves to the width of your hands. Unlike the cheap alternatives, these gloves are tear and crack resistant.
  • Since these gloves are mostly used to lift rugged metals and weights at the gym; therefore, we have padded them with soft foam (3mm) at the palm for better comfort and safety. Rubberised mesh surrounding the padding provides excellent grip on the gym rods, and more.
  • The use of our Lycra gloves is not restricted to the weight lifting workouts only. As you can use them for many other activities, including cycling, calisthenics, and more. Inside of these gloves has a sweat-wicking lining that helps keep your hands dry during lengthy workouts. 
  • These bodybuilding gloves are beautifully shaped by our expert artisans. Premium stitching further assures their longevity, while the sturdy hook and loop strap makes the wear and removal of them convenient.
  • Half-finger design allows free movement of the fingers, making you perform your workouts effectively. Xn8 powerlifting gloves are available in four sizes, so men and women of any age can have them, while the pull tab design makes their removal effortless.   


Do your hands get rough (calluses) with lifting the gym rods regularly? Would you like protection of your hands during the bodybuilding workouts? Get the Xn8 sports weight lifting gloves and put more efforts in your gym drills to attain a desired body shape. Crafted with the top-quality Lycra fabric, which along with durability gets you the comfort due to the right stretch and smoothness. The inside of these gloves has sweat-wicking lining to keep your hands dry and cool during the exercises. Available in four different sizes and they are stitched robustly to stay in working condition for years. Hook and loop strap allows effortless wear and convenient removal of the lifting gloves anytime needed. Besides weight lifting these gloves work well with activities like cycling, and more.