Xn8 Sports Weight Lifting Wrist Strap

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Type: Wrist Strap
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  • 18 Inches Long and 3 Inches Wide Specially Designed Wrist Wraps for Perfect Wrist Protection: Your wrists are prone to strain or injury during workouts, especially when it involves lifting weight. You can take care of your wrists with the Xn8 Weight Lifting Straps/Wrist Support offering added protection of 18’’ long and 3’’ wide strengthened wraps.
  • Specially Designed Elastic Thumb Loop for Extra Convenience and Grip Strength: With these wrist supports, you get the added convenience of specially designed thumb loop to secure your grip on the weights you are playing with. This makes your wrists less vulnerable to any possible mishaps leading to painful injuries.
  • Extended Hook and Loop Closure System for Easy yet Secure Grip: The idea here is to offer you something which is as secure (to stay intact throughout your workout session) as it is easy to wrap on. That’s why Xn8 wrist bands come with extended hook and loop closure system to assist you through your training sessions.
  • Premium Quality Blended Cotton and Polyester Material for a Perfect Combo of Strength, Flexibility and Durability: Sold as a pair, these top quality wrist braces offer you the best combo of strength, flexibility and durability, thanks to the special blend of quality materials used in manufacturing them. This special blend of materials also serves to absorb excess moisture, making sure you can continue with your training without any kind of irritation.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Taking pride in our customers’ satisfaction, quality service is our promise, which also includes after sale services. So, if you feel you don’t want to use our products for any reason, you can return them no obligation within 30 days.


    Wrists are involved in a whole lot of workout routines. From body weight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, dips and even gymnastics to bodybuilding and weight lifting, wrists bear the brunt of all the weight load you are dealing with.
    That’s why they need extra strength, safety and security and that’s where Xn8 weight lifting straps and wrist supports come into play, making sure that your wrist joints are getting all the support and security to keep them safe while incorporating ample flexibility to run through your desired training regime.
    What Makes Xn8 Wrist Straps so Special?
    Specially Designed for Strength and Flexibility: These are the two aspects you need dearly to make the most out of your grip. So, Xn8 Sports have designed these wrist wraps for optimal strength as well as flexibility, making sure your wrists are not only able to hold the weight loaded onto them, but remain flexible enough to complete the full range of motion required.
    Perfectly Blended Top Quality Material: The secret behind solid strength and amazing flexibility of these weight lifting straps is the perfect blend of blend of top quality cotton and polyester. Cherry on top is the diverse range of colours you can choose from.
    One Size Fits All – Optimally Sized and Structured: 18 inches of length with 3 inches of width makes these wrist bands perfectly sized – not too big to obstruct with your wrist movement and not too small to not support the heavy weights. Heavy duty Velcro coupled with extended hook and loop closure system provides added security, encouraging you to progress further.
    Durability: The specially blended material used in these wrist braces helps absorb excess moisture, keeping you engaged in extended training sessions conveniently. Moreover, precision long lasting stitching and reinforced thumb loops further add to the resilience of this amazing weight training accessory.
    Expedite Your Lifting Potential: Without a doubt, the amalgam of all these features encourages and assist you in expediting your lifting potential without the fear of any mishap or injury.