Xn8 Sports Weighted Vest Mico

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SKU: Vest (Mico) - BLACK - (10Kg)


  • GET RESULTS FAST: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility and core strength. The Xn8 weight vest is a perfect aid for general fitness or more focused workouts in aerobics and yoga classes. Add intensity to every workout and helpful in strengthening biceps, triceps, tone hips, thighs, and calves while running. Strengthens your core stomach, oblique, back, arm, shoulder and chest muscles in an effective and safe way, helping you to burn calories. 
  • ROBUST DESIGN: This innovative one size fits all (as per average UK chest and waist size) design allows full freedom of movement with no chafing or rubbing and can easily be fastened with adjustable secure strap system. Weight (iron sand) is distributed evenly across the jacket with soft padding outside for extended comfort and snug fit. You can take out additional weight by removing the weight bags from the pouches if you feel the item is too heavy for you initially. Hi-viz reflective strips are an added advantage while running in the dark to avoid an accident. Weight Bags Pouches are designed in such a way that the weight bags will not fall of them regardless of what type of exercise you do :)
  • UNSURPASSED QUALITY: Do not confuse the Xn8 weighted vest with other non-patented products on the market. Manufactured using only the highest quality neoprene material, the Xn8 weighted vest are amongst the most robust in the fitness industry. 
  • USES: This vest can be used during dips, push-ups, chin-up, vertical leaps, running, walking, cycling, cardio training, point exercises, in the gym and at home for all training exercises. 
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  We take great pride in providing you with unparalleled quality, advice and after service. For whatever reason, you find this product is not for you, simply return it no obligation. Remember we specialize and focus on the sports and fitness industry with our products used at gyms and homes all over the world.


  • Suitable for training, running
  • Can be used during dips, push-ups, chin-up
  • Perfect for professional Gym and home training use
  • Weight is distributed evenly across the jacket (iron sand)
  • Ideal for gaining quickness, power and improving vertical leaps
  • This Vest Jacket is a standard size fully adjustable one size fits all
  • Xn8 has generated the best companion with soft padding for extended comfort
  • Weight Loss vest jacket is ideal to build muscle, burn calories fast and Increase stamina

SIZE: (Height) 44cm, (Width) 33cm, (Diameter) 7cm

WEIGHT: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg 

COLOUR: Black and Red

Customers Experience: Upon asking these questions from various customers they have expressed that they normally wear the item and walk fast with it rather than running. Still the results are quite significant.