Xn8 Sports Wrist Support W888

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Special Blend Of Fabric For Optimal Wrist Support: Get your wrist optimally supported with the special blend of fabric featuring a great combo of strength (65% nylon), elasticity (25% latex wire) and compression (10% spandex) in Xn8 Sports Compression Wrist Support Sleeve. 

Wrist Support Brace with 3D Weaving & Flex Compression Technology: Advanced 3D weaving technology is used to produce this unique combo with breathability, elasticity, compression and moisture wicking properties. This helps offer you the most convenient way of taking care of your pained/damaged wrist, helping it recover safely and quickly. 

Fortified Edge Trims For Anti-Slip Grip: With this compression elastic breathable wrist support brace, you don’t have to worry about it rolling down or slipping while you are doing something putting it on. It strongly holds its position over your wrist due to high compression grip and specially strengthened non-slip edge trims even if your wrist is engaged in extensive movement.

Gentle Compression Therapy Wrist Support Brace: Flex compression technology and the latest 3D knitting technology are paired in this wrist support bandage, so that your wrist gets the best gentle compression consistently as long as you wear it, relieving you from wrist pain due to arthritis, carpel tunnel injury, tendonitis or sports injury.

Universal Fit: SOLD AS A SINGLE wrist support (NOT PAIR), it is designed keeping the needs of majority of people in mind. So, it fits most wrist sizes conveniently, thanks to its comfortable, elastic texture, which readily wraps around wrists of different sizes and shapes. Moreover, you can choose this wrist sleeve from small, medium and large sizes.


Wrist issues not only cause extreme pain, but can also hamper your range of motion, affecting your mobility quite severely. So, you need to protect them and this is what Xn8 compression elastic breathable wrist support brace is all about. With its super strong, elastic, compressive, breathable and moisture wicking properties, it makes sure your wrist gets all the protection it needs without disturbing your range of motion. This is because we use a special fabric to make our wrist brace, combined together at a specific proportion using advanced 3D weaving technology. Its composition is: 65% nylon for super strength, 25% latex wire for added elasticity and 10% spandex for extra compression. A reinforced edge trim also ensures that our breathable compression wrist support band remains intact on your wrist, not slipping or sliding down unlike other common wrist supports in the market, thus offering you the best compression wrist wrap. All these features make this breathable hand wrist support great at injury prevention and pain relief, helping your wrist with a host of medical conditions like arthritic wrist pain, carpal tunnel injury, sports injury, and tendonitis. It is available as a SINGLE wrist support (NOT PAIR) in small, medium and large sizes to fit most wrists. Get yours today and take the best care of your wrist possible.