Xn8 Sports Combat Cruze Thai Pad


Product Description

Practice the MMA drill at your fullest with safety and precision using the Xn8 Combat Cruze Thai Pad. Designed using the top-notch Lamina Natal hide leather, the Muay Thai pad is impermeable to cracks and splits. Filled with three different layers that prove extraordinarily effective in impact diffusion mechanism by resisting the hard-hitting. This leather Thai pad is the best you can get for long training sessions, knowing that it will be your companion for a long time due to its tear-resistant properties.


  • Skillfully crafted using Lamina Natal hide leather for accrued resilience and durability. This top-quality fabric combines practicality with style.
  • Equi-Shox foam is the first layer that disseminates the effect of powerful hitting along with the help of Eva-brute tech and D-sponge max.
  • Two long and robust hook and loop straps add robustness to the pad and ensure a secure fit by adjusting against the size of the hand and wrist of the holder.
  • Padded cushioning on the surface of our Thai pad gives a secure grip and comfort to the holder, while the padded handle makes sure it does not slip from the hand.
  • Seamless stitching guarantees that our Muay Thai pad endures the tests of the time without ripping apart. Available in green, blue, gold, grey, and turquoise color.