Xn8 Sports Wrist Weight

Type: Wrist Weight
SKU: Wrist Weight - (Black) - (0.5*2=1kg)


Top Quality Product: Do not confuse the Xn8 wrist weights with other non-patented products on the market. Manufactured using only the highest quality eco-friendly neoprene material, the Xn8 wrist weights are amongst the most robust in the fitness industry.

Exalt Your Fitness Level with the Best Combo of Aesthetics and Functionality: With decades of industry experience and technical proficiency, you only get the best combo of functionality and aesthetics. Sold as a pair, the Xn8 wrist weights have been designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but equally practical to carry to your yoga, fitness and aerobics classes.

Good for Everyone and Everything: In Xn8 Sports Wrist Weight Set, you get a workout staple that is meant to help you look good as well as feel good. Thanks to a highly ergonomic design, people of all genders and ages get the perfect grip needed to help focus on their workout and forget everything else. Great for everyone, from fitness newbies to pros. You can choose from a whole range of weights and colours according to your preference and requirement.

 Pace Up Your Gains Like Never Before: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility and core strength. The Xn8 wrist weights are a perfect aid for general fitness or more focused workouts in aerobics and yoga classes. Add intensity to every workout and helpful in strengthening finger, thumb and palm muscles.Additionally, the wrist weights can burn excessive calories in aerobic exercises, day to day activities while even sitting and watching TV.

Buy with Confidence: 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE. We take great pride in providing you with unparalleled quality, advice and after service. For whatever reason you find this product is not for you, simply return it no obligation.


 Whether you are a health and fitness newbie looking for a convenient but effective way of improving the way you look and feel, or a fitness fanatic looking for that extra punch to ramp up your fitness level even further, Xn8 wrist weights will work like a charm for you. Especially designed to incorporate additional resistance in your workout routines in the most subtle ways, you simply need to wrap these ingeniously designed weights around your wrists through your hands and start improving your fitness level day by day.

 Why Choose Xn8 Sports Wrist Weight Set?

Patented Design: This is a totally patented design to ensure that you are using a unique and specialised workout accessory every single time you wrap these around your wrists. One of its distinguishing features is the comfortable thumb sleeve, bestowing you with a convenient and firm grip.

 Resilient and Eco-friendly Neoprene Material: Sold as a pair, Xn8 wrist weights are manufactured using the highest quality eco-friendly neoprene material with sand as the filling material. Soft enough to entice you in slipping your hands through and resilient enough to stay with you for a long time. Comfortable and Functional: Years of research and experience have led to the development of a highly ergonomic as well as a functional unit, offering excellent grip and a non-slip easy to stack design. Offer you the desired comfort in wearing them while incorporating the added bit of resistance for best results.

Secure Thumb Sleeve with Adjustable Velcro Strap: Unlike commonly available wrist weights in the market, this pair offers a highly convenient and secure thumb sleeve supplemented with adjustable Velcro strap. That’s why these snug around all sorts of hands and wrists seamlessly well while you engage in your desired activities.

 Varied Colour and Weight Options: You can choose from a host of colour and weight options.

Available Weights: 0.5 Kg Set (0.5*2 = 1Kg) 1 Kg Set (1*2 = 2Kg) 1.5 Kg Set (1.5*2 = 3Kg) 2 Kg Set (2*2 = 4Kg)

Available Colours: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red