Xn8 Sports Yoga Massage Roller Set 5 in 1

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SKU: 5 in 1 Roller (Back)


  • 5-IN-1 DIVERSE FOAM ROLLER KIT: Never compromising on functionality, materials, manufacturing and overall product quality, Xn8 Sports Yoga Foam Massage Roller 5 in 1 gives you a total body massaging solution. Comprises of a high density EVA foam roller, a muscle roller stick, a lacrosse massage ball, a spiky massage ball and a carry bag with zip and adjustable straps.
  • BEST QUALITY & DURABILITY FOAM ROLLERS: We offer you the best combo of a highly rigid PVC core supplemented with high density EVA foam outer layer. This enables our foam rollers to lend you a deep yet comforting massage with rollers not losing their shape easily. Also sweat proof & water resistant.
  • GREAT FOAM ROLLER FOR BACK & TOTAL BODY: If you have been looking for best foam roller for back, you get it in this kit. Our long foam roller can be used as a handy handheld foam roller. For other body parts, there is a light but efficient massage roller stick, so that you can massage your hips, thighs, calves and everywhere else.
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE FOAM ROLLER SET: There is no comparison for this 5 piece massage foam roller in relaxing your muscles & easing your body, as it flushes out lactic acid from your muscles and relieves tension in your legs, thighs, shoulder, arms, back and whole body. Offers easy refund/return within 30 days of purchase in case you’re unsatisfied.