Xn8 Sports Yoga Foam Roller - Lime Green

Type: Yoga Roller
SKU: Yoga Roller - Lime Green


  • Versatile Design Muscle Roller: With an excellent grip and aesthetically pleasing design made from anti slip non toxic material, to enhance user experience; featuring washable High-Density EVA foam with a firmer (45 degrees hardness) and more durable sharper edge. The bumpy surface loosens up hamstrings for runners and other athletic activities; popular choice for those training for crossfit or practicing Pilates.
  • Get Result Fast: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning, overall healthier lifestyle like correct posture and enhance blood circulation and achieving utmost agility and core strength. The Xn8 foam roller is a perfect aid for general fitness or more focused workouts; locate essential trigger points for stress relief; improve sleeping habits. This roller is effective for eliminating knots, deep massage upper and lower back, neck, legs, IT-band, quads, deltoids, hamstrings and shoulders
  • Suitability: Use Xn8 foam roller for per and post workout, improve your balance, increase flexibility, boost core strength and prevent injury. This is ideal for yoga Pilates, body cells regeneration and coordination, healing and recovery, boost blood flow and release muscle toxin. It can help prevent injuries and also support recovery following an injury. With the textured trigger point design, you are purchasing a product backed by many years of research.
  • Gurantee: We take great pride in providing you with unparalleled quality, advice and after service. For whatever reason you find this product is not for you, simply return it no obligation. Remember we specialise and focus on the sports and fitness industry with our products used at gyms and homes all over the world.


  • This Xn8 Sports foam roller is made from high density EVA foam with textured dotted surface, which is soft to touch for added comfort.
  • It is a perfect tool for yoga, Pilates, fitness exercises, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • The specially designed raised grid pattern bumps are firm but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist.
  • It help stimulate blood circulation and improve flexibility to reduce pain, speed recovery, and increase range of motion.
  •  It is great for athletes, yogis, Cross Fit lovers, or anyone with muscle tension.
  • Length 33 cm - Diameter 14 cm