1. Scope

These terms and conditions are binding on anyone who intend to use the xn8sports.com website to make a purchase.

  1. Electronic Communications

Electronic communications with Xn8 Sports mean visiting Xn8sports.com or an inquiry by anyone from the Xn8 Sports concerned department via an email. Doing this, you let us respond by emails or posting on the website.

Further, the law has made it mandatory on us to document whatever information we exchange in reply to a query asked or for promotional purposes. Information here includes agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications.

Since our communications are electronic, keeping their history is one way of recording it that we believe in the best interest to comply with all legal requirements.

Nothing in this section is affecting or meant to affect your statutory rights.

  1. Consumer Protection Regulations

Making a purchase from the Xn8 Sports website, you are entitled to all the rights entrusted in you by the Consumer Protection Regulations of United States.

Compliance with Consumer Protection Regulations, we also accept all our duties to the international buyers.

  1. Limited License and Copyright Protection
  • Xn8 Sports explicitly restricts the use of website content as being the property of Xn8sports.com protected by the international copyright laws that includes:
  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Software
  • Any visitor of the website has a limited license to make personal use of the website only with prior written consent of the Xn8 Sports concerned personnel.
  • Following activities are explicitly prohibited by the visitor or customer of the Xn8 Sports website:
  • Downloading content of the website.
  • Modifying any portion of the website.
  • Commercial use of this website or its content.
  • Using account information for benefit of another merchant.
  • Use of one or many data extraction tools.
  • Any action that is judged to be exceeding the rights entrusted by this section.
  • We may add or remove any activity to the list of ‘Prohibited Activities’ defined in subsection (c) of the section 4 as required by the recent technological development or other circumstances.
  1. Our Liability In Case of Breach
  • In case, we are unable to comply with these terms and conditions, we shall be held liable only:
  • For the purchase price of goods
  • Loss that is proved to be incurred as a result of our negligence
  • Loss falling into one or all of these categories below shall not form part of the subsection (a) of section 5; therefore not our liability:
  • Income or revenue loss
  • Business loss
  • Anticipated savings loss
  • Data loss
  • Office time wasting loss
  • This section doesn’t limit or exclude our liability of:
  • Personal injury or death due to our negligence
  • Fraudulent misrepresentations
  • Failure to comply with section 12 of the Sales of Goods Act 1979
  • Sale of products not considered fit as per Consumer Protection Act 2000
  • Any matter that can be legally enforced against us
  • We are not warranting that this website is free of computer viruses that may harm your computer
  1. Force Majeure
  • Any delay or failure in performance of our obligation due to events/circumstances beyond our control shall settle our liability even on part-performance or non-performance.
  • Subject to subsection (a) of the section 6, following events/circumstances may be considered as a ‘Force Majeure:’
  • Strikes, lock-outs, or other
  • Riot, terrorist attack, invasion, civil commotion, threat of war or war
  • An act of god, such as earthquake, fire, explosion, storm, epidemic, or more
  • Any event or circumstances that make it impossible to use roads, railways, aircrafts, or other means of transportations
  • Any change in the law imposed by the country’s legislation
  • The operation of goods delivery or return may be terminated for the time such circumstances prevail. ‘Xn8 Sports’ will try its best to perform the contract despite these conditions.
  1. Your Account
  • It is sole responsibility of the website’s user to keep the log in information confidential or to restrict/limit access of the personal computer.
  • Agreeing to these terms and conditions, you accept that it is your responsibility to keep the ‘User name’ or ‘password’ of account safe.
  1. Intellectual Property of Other
  • If you have found any of your work copied on the website in a way that constitutes to the copyright infringement, contact us via an email immediately.
  • All pages of the website are licensed to Xn8 Sports and everything here is used with permission of the owner.
  • No one is allowed to copy, modify, download or use the property of Xn8 Sports website without prior written consent.
  1. Who Will Bear the Loss In Case Goods are Lost?

Anything you purchase here is made pursuant to a shipment contract. Therefore, title and risk of loss passes to you as soon as we deliver the ordered item to a carrier.

  1. Accuracy of Product Detailing

We provide reasonable assurance of the accuracy of product descriptions and not the absolute. Hence, if upon delivery, you found the product is different to what described, returning it in unused condition is your sole remedy.

  1. Variations in Terms and Conditions

We have right to amend any part or all of the terms and conditions with time. Customer will be subject to terms and conditions that are in force at time of purchase, unless:

  • Legislation or governmental authority imposed a change, in which case your previous order will be subjected to the new terms and conditions defined.
  • A customer will be notified of any changes in terms of conditions before acceptance of the order. You can revoke the new terms and conditions within 7 working days of receipt by you of the goods.
  1. Applicable Law

By visiting xn8sports.com, you acknowledge and agree that laws of United States will govern these condition of use. Any dispute or conflict arise of the purchase will be subject to the relevant legal proceedings of the United States.

  1. Complaints and Disputes

Any dispute arising out of your visit to the xn8sports.com or of the products you have purchased here shall be submitted to confidential arbitration, except where you either have violated or threatened to violate the rights of Xn8 Sports intellectual property

             For complaints, please email: customerservices@xn8sports.com.

  1. Site Policies, Severability and Modification
  • These terms and conditions together with other policies on the website, govern your visit to the Xn8sports.com. We also have right to make amendments to any of these policies as we may deem fit.
  • In case, a condition or any part of condition in terms and conditions or other polices is deemed void, invalid, or unenforceable, shall be deemed severable; that is not affecting validity and enforceability of others.
  • Your visit to the Xn8sports.com implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and other policies displayed on the website.
  • In case, you make purchases from one of our affiliates, you together with these terms and conditions are also bound by the terms and conditions of that business.
  • Some of these terms and conditions may not be applicable to business agreements.