Xn8 Sports Knee Brace M4635

Type: knee brace
SKU: M4635-Small-(Box:119)


  • [METAL SUPPORTED OPEN PATELLA KNEE BRACES]: You can best manage, protect and heal your aching knees with Xn8 Sports open patella knee braces. They combine the protection of patellar region of your knee with enhanced protection of 4 metal springs (2 on either side), making sure your knees remain stress free during any movement.
  • [ANTI-SLIP, FLEXIBLE & BREATHABLE NEOPRENE COMPRESSION KNEE SUPPORT]: Featuring a simple, practical and user-friendly design, our knee brace also boasts of high quality neoprene material manufacturing. This makes it highly breathable, flexible as well as anti-slip. It also optimises the flow of heat, blood and oxygen through your knee area.
  • [SUITABLE FOR JOINT PAIN, ARTHRITIS, ACL, MCL, LCL & MUCH MORE]: You can use it as a hinged knee brace for sprain and strain, weakened & arthritic knees, minor to moderate Medial Collateral Damage (MCL), Lateral Collateral Ligament Damage (LCL), Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), patella tracking, Bursitis, Meniscus injury, inflammation & more.

  • [MEDICALLY VALIDATED ADVANCE KNEE BRACE]: From design to material and finishing, you get the best of everything in this knee sleeve support. That’s why it is medically validated and used by scores of people as unloader knee brace for arthritis, kids open knee support, patella luxation brace and knee brace for meniscus tear beige.

  • [ADJUSTABLE 3D COMPRESSION WITH TWIN STRAPS]: Rather than plain compression, you get adjustable 3D compression knee brace in this product, SOLD AS A SINGLE BRACE (NOT PAIR). Two straps with solid hook & loop closure enable you to exert adjustable compression at your desired spot. Available in various sizes, it can be worn on either knee by men as well as women.


    Not taking good care of your knees can have some serious consequences, mostly leading to excruciating pain, often going all the way to compromised or total immobility. Xn8 Sports open patella knee braces are especially designed to help you take good care of your knees in the most convenient and effective manner. A simple and innovative design makes it highly effective in managing pain and safeguarding your knees from any further damage. Thanks to the high quality neoprene material used in its manufacturing, it becomes highly breathable, flexible and moisture resistant. The open patella design aids in stabilising the patellar region of your knee, while 2 metal springs on either side of the brace (4 in total) help keep your knee strain free while moving around. Furthermore, two hook & loop closure straps assist with the adjustability of the compression, enabling you to customise it to your liking and requirement. This knee brace is sold as a single item (NOT PAIR), and is available in different sizes, so that everyone can get a best fit. Perfect for a wide range of range of daily activities as well as sports like golf, tennis, basketball and so forth. 

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