Xn8 Sports Yoga Massage Roller Set 2 in 1

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Key Features:

  • Compact Design and Storage: Compact size and easy storage are the two key benefits. You can carry it easily with the help of a carry bag.
  • High-Density EVA Foam 100% environmentally friendly High-Density EVA material with a more durable sharper edge that lasts for life.

 Product Description:

     Hard Foam Roller:

    • Lie on the floor and place the foam roller underneath where your body. Then roll backward and forwards for a few minutes. The impact can be felt straight away. Just go with the flow of your body. Slowly your body will ask for more and more. 

     Soft Foam Roller:

    • The key uses are in exercise programs. Some of the most common uses involve Pilates and Yoga.
    • The roller allows an instability that challenges the core, promoting strength and balance.
    • Can increase flexibility and range of motion, such as stretching and bending exercises.
    What is Pack of 2: You need some gear for your partner or friend. Why don't you save some money on a pack of 2 options? You will get 2 individual units when you check out as a pack of 2 :)