Xn8 Sports Ab Core Machine

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  • SLEEK DESIGN & TOP QUALITY ABS TRAINER MACHINE: Contrary to its small size and simple looks, Xn8 Sports Abs Core Machine can do wonders in sculpting your core & toning your whole body. Boasts of a sleek design that combines the sturdiness of a steel frame with lightness & durability of recyclable ABS plastic and Lamina upholstery.   

  • ERGONOMIC, FOLDABLE DESIGN WITH 3-LEVELS VARIED RESISTANCE: Its ergonomic design offers much more than user-friendly workout experience. It can also be folded & stored without much of an effort, while its 3-level variable resistance means anyone with any fitness level can use it based on their customised requirements.

  • PREMIERE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT FOR WOMEN & MEN: Surely amongst the most sought after fitness equipment for men & women alike, designed to especially cater the fitness requirement of people who prefer working in a home gym. This also means you can save a significant amount of money by avoiding hefty gym fees
  • COMPLETE BODY WORKOUT WITH FREE RESISTANCE CABLES, WORKOUT DVD & CHART: You get a 7-in-1 abs core trainer much better than wondercore smart ab machine, supplemented with a free pair of resistance cables, a workout DVD and an exercise chart for a full body workout. Ideal for sit-ups, push-ups, scissor kicks, bridge, bicycling, abs tuck etc. Bands exercises include arm curls, pull lift, reverse boating etc. Also helpful for front squat, lunges, lateral raises.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Totally confident of the superior quality of our products, we offer you 100% money back guarantee on our abs core trainer as well as any other product you purchase from us. So, if you feel a product is not upto your expectations, you can simply claim a hassle-free refund/return within 30 days of purchase.


Looks can turn out to be quite deceiving, as in the case of Xn8 Sports Ab Core Machine. It will amaze you with how well it sculpts your core region and tones your whole body despite its small size and light weight. In fact, this is how it is designed on purpose, so that you can fold it and carry it around at your will without worrying about the size and weight. You get a great combination of a sturdy steel frame supplemented with lightweight & durable recyclable ABS plastics. On top, high quality Lamina upholstery and soft ergonomic handles seal the deal.