Xn8 Sports Ab Wheel Roller

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Developing And Strengthening Your Muscles: Let you effectively target and strengthen various muscles of your body, particularly the core and back. Useful for people of all ages and can be taken anywhere due to its lightweight. One can achieve any fitness goal with the Xn8 ab wheel roller by using it regularly.

[DURABLE]: The Xn8 Sports ab wheel roller is a robust training gear for your home gym, which has rubber tyres, stainless steel frame, and some plastic touching. Thus, it is durable and can bear heavyweight and high pressure. 

Two Foam Padded Handles With Free Knee Pad: Ergonomically designed with keeping various users in mind. Two foam handles provide you a comfortable grip during the exercise and let you practice multiple exercise moves that otherwise would require a lot of stress on your hands. A free knee pad, along with the ab roller, keeps your knees well protected during work out. 

Durable Rubber Wheels: The two rubber wheels of the abdominal exercise roller won't get damaged or break even with regular use for rigorous workout sessions. Wheels provide you more stability during the exercise and make you improve your body balance and overall fitness.

XN8’s Quick Refund Facility: Concern about the quality of our ab wheel roller? Don't be as we assure you the quality of our product along with a quick refund facility. That right! If you are not happy with our item, feel free to return the same within 30 days to get a replacement or refund. 


Won't you be happy to get hands on fitness equipment that will let you strengthen your muscles and achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home? Of course, you are looking for one, and your search is now over with the xn8 ab wheel roller. Constructed using a mixture of stainless steel and durable rubber for making it work for a long time, while the two foam handles won't trouble your hands during the workout and make you continue your exercise for a long time. It is high weight-bearing equipment and can be used both at home and gym. Useful for people of all ages and widely used by fitness enthusiasts of various disciplines. Make you get better with your physical appearance and overall body fitness. Ultimately, this is the right fitness accessory for both your home and gym.