Xn8 Sports Leather Gloves Amara

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SKU: AL-GymGlv(Black)S-US
  • When hand protection during weightlifting is all you care then why settle for average than top-of-the-line Xn8 Sports leather Gloves Amara?
  • Breathable mesh on top of these leather gloves for men makes them useable even in hot temperatures. 
  • Details in red and black on our fingerless leather gloves over a pitch black surface gives feel of a realistic neon light.
  • By incorporating the sturdy hook and loop strap in these weightlifting gloves, we have intended to make their wear and removal effortless.
  • Are they only for weightlifting? Not at all! You can wear them for protection while cycling, doing calisthenics, and more such activities. Sold only as a pair.